Another year of effort rewarded

Effort, perseverance and continuous work together with patience and insistence are, in my opinion, some of the characteristics that especially define the entrepreneurial person. Personally, I firmly believe that the E.P. has to have those characteristics very developed, maybe more than the people who don’t stand out for having an entrepreneurial spirit, and even more than those who don’t think of entrepreneurship as their personal and professional way of living.

Today I want to dedicate this post to the E.P. who, with their effort, keep showing us that, except a few cases, effort is everything you need to achieve your success, or in other words:

The progressive realization of your dream..

During this last week and, again, during the holidays of 2019 I have seen once again the importance of EFFORT in the E.P. I’ve met and in the ones I already knew, and in the ones I will keep supporting as often as I can. That’s why I wanted my first publication on my social media to be dedicated to them, people who always find the searched opportunity, they don’t let it go away and then you find them showing their products to the world and making their effort visible.

Without any doubt, the holidays are especial moments where the art fairs, local design, craft, craftsmen and creators fill up the streets of many cities with art. These fairs are important places for the E.P. whose businesses depend on these events, not only during Christmas season, but all year round.

As I was telling you before, today I also want to use this post to remind you the entrepreneurial people and initiatives that I’ve talked to you about both through my blog and Instagram account. Here you have the summary list of the E.P. who have been on my blog, because I already did the one from Instagram when I posted for the first time this year.

Today’s blog is another wake-up call for the people who, from January 2019 until December 2019, became important for me:

The year started with Violeta González Bermúdez, accompanied by María Astigarraga and Judit Urquijo, the three mentees of MET Community who presented her book at the Urbegi Foundation.

She was followed by the next initiatives and E.P.:

I dedicated the last post of the year to Leire Urzaiz, Estefanía de Oliveira and Daniel Coma-Cros, from papiroga, a project full of color, fun and energy for every day.

Congratulations, again, to all of you for taking a chance on entrepreneurship and for everything you are achieving with your effort, which I am very thankful for.

I will present you another E.P. in the next post, do you have any suggestion?

Be happy and move forward.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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