Guillermo Dorronsoro affirmed last Saturday (29th of October 2016) that “changing things means getting involved emotionally”. That’s what I think the protagonists of the initiative that I bring to you this week should have thought at the time they designed it.

Do you have time?

Some time ago I introduced you the P.E. (Entrepreneur) and director of the Abando Hotel, Iñigo Mª de la Fuente. If you remember, on that moment I was telling you that from his consultancy Alboriñi Consultores, Iñigo, together with his brother Borja, his colleague Jon Zuazo and his team of young promises, decided to create, among others, the Escuela de Talento/Gaitasun Eskola (School of Talent) that promotes social innovation and servant leadership.


According to its founders, this school should be an “escape valve for people with higher education on unemployment and for working professionals that want to dedicate a part of their free time to share with unemployees, volunteers of the third sector, university students, recently graduates and concerned citizens, their knowledge and the basic ethic values of the Western Europe society”. And all of this, of course, in a selfless way.

So, why this initiative? because Iñigo is one of those people who consider themselves being on debt with society and he wants to give back part of what it has given to him.
Among the values that guide his job, there are a few that stand out, such as discretion, effort, active solidarity and honesty on helping others.
 The School of Talent develops its activity since the 26th of March in 2013, and since then they have discussed so many topics of great interest. Among them, there are the following ones:
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR)
  • Proactivity
  • Innovatione42ea3_b3a75c41948b400ab1dfaf563b29e2a5
  • Culture and corporate values
  • Leadership
  • Self knowledge
  • Time management
  • Search of employment
  • Conflict mediation
  • Interculturality
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Change management
Improve the social transformation and try to leave a more fair society is one of the main goals that has the School of Talent. That is why Iñigo and his team have decided to move forward and act. Because nothing is gonna happen if we just wait for something to happen. That way of thinking and the attitude, the work and the solidarity of the people who put together this initiative is what makes it big and worthy of bringing it to light.
The day of the conferences is usually a Saturday a month, with a few exceptions. The people interested in it meet each other at the Abando Hotel and enjoy the meeting, the speakers, an amazing musical act and a snack offered by the kitchen of the hotel… as you can see, a true luxury most of us look forward to.
img_20161030_173444The last conference about Change Management that led Guillermo Dorronsoro didn’t leave us indifferent. It taught me new things, it made me think about the actual and future situation, it made me see the economy from another side, it reminded me that what moves the world is not the economy, the power or the desire but the people and their ideas, and that we should learn to change – as a person, organization and society-, that we need to change internally, that we need freedom to change inside the organizations and that we also need leaders, references to hold onto; in conclusion, Guiller reminded me again that there is still a lot more to do but you make the path as you go… we have to anticipate to the change, develop resilience, learn to change what doesn’t work and, most of all, never lose the smile. Thank you Guiller for the possibility you gave me (us) to think about all of these ideasimg_20161030_173826.
I also want to thank the great musical moment that we had thanks to Ars Viva, the choir of the Jesuitas Bilbao School, with its special repertory. Personally it got me emotional and made me see that music is essential in this life, to laugh, to move forward, to dream, to enjoy, to click, to change and to end the party perfectly.

I encourage you to go on the site of the Escuela de Talento/Gaitasun Eskola and do some research. I hope we see each other next time.

 Enjoy the week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.


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