I am a woman in search of meaning

These Easter holidays have been very special for me for many reasons. The truth is that I needed to rest and take a lot of strength and energy after a tough semester and, above all, after some weeks loaded with so much work (more than I expected), unexpected emotions (those that I personally don’t like) and exciting and irresistible projects, such as EIPTE or the organization of the VIII University Day of the Innovation and Quality. All this, together with the day to day, have made the beginning of the year harder than I thought, so, this time has been good for me to relax, think, re-think and make decisions. (more…)

Oscar, Lean and Canvas

Last 7th of March some of the mentors and mentees of the MET Community met up with other E.P. who came to the workshop about Lean Canvas given by  Rocío Rivera, coach, mentor, entrepreneur and expert on strategy, innovation and group and team management. We met there to, for once and for all, apply a tool which we had heard from many times. Rocío didn’t disappoint us at all. In fact, as we expected, the 2 hours passed quickly, but it was worth it.

The session with Rocío made it clear for us that the Lean Canvas allows us to tidy up, organize, plan and share, but also to think in alternatives, open more to other possibilities and be more motivated and with more illusion to move forward with our projects. Do you dare to prepare your Lean Canvas?

 You just have to follow a few steps to see if your project is on the way of becoming a reality or not. You can do it individually or in a group (I recommend you do the second option). You just have to follow the following order and start filling in your canvas. Do you dare?

  1. Costumers segments. Specify who is your target consumer and, above all, who are your early adopters.
  2. Problem. Identify at least 3 problems from your clients that your product or service may solve. At the same time, specify what alternatives your clients have in that moment to solve those problems.
  3. Unique value proposition. Summarize in a clear, simple sentence (KISS) what you are offering to solve the problems you have identified.
  4. Channels. Specify the access routes (channels) you want to use to bring your product or service to your customers.
  5. Reveue streams. Specify how are you going to do it to earn money.
  6. Cost structure. Analyze the costs that your project entails.
  7. Key metrics. Identify the key activities that serve as reference to confirm or not that your project is going well. Your project must be sustainable all the time.
  8. Unfair advantage. Specify in a sentence what makes you special and why should the client choose you and not others.

Don’t forget that it’s possible that your original idea changes as you answer all the different questions that the canvas suggests. That’s not bad and I’m sure that there are moments when you take a step back to change something.

Here you have some examples that I hope they are useful for you.

Enjoy the week and don’t waste many post-its, or do.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.


A few days ago, I talked to you about María Fernández, a woman full of energy and illusion who is passionate about the fashion world. Well, today, thanks to María and her network, I bring you a man, founder and CEO of a company dedicated to the fashion world for the woman of today, for the moment, and who is succeeding on the e-commerce. Last 23rd of February he visited us at MET Community.

I encourage you to know him and his business, which is succeeding among women. (more…)


When a few years ago I met the protagonist of today’s post I didn’t think I’d be writing about her one day, and it’s not that, by any means, she went unnoticed, but to be honest, her entrepreneurial facet didn’t attract my attention. But life, sometimes, connects you with people that in another moment, for some reason, didn’t. That’s what happened with her and what’s important from this story is that today I’m writing about a woman who has decided to start a new social project.

Do you want to meet her? (more…)

CAMELIA RIOS: a new way of playing with architecture

In September of 2002, Camelia, our protagonist of today’s post, took one of the most important decisions of her life: emigrate to another country. Some years later, in 2012, she was presented with another important change in her life, this time in the workplace and much less traumatic than the first one, but which also meant that she had to get out of her comfort zone again: quit a job where she had been working for 11 years on her own and make the leap to the world of entrepreneurship, creating her own company. Today I have the pleasure to present you Camelia Ríos, a jewel of a person, whom I had the pleasure to meet last November of 2017.  (more…)


On the 10th of February of 2018, everything had to be prepared to welcome the teams and enjoy a long day surrounded by children and teenagers willing to give everything: the running order, the 8 rooms, the materials for the tests of value, the rubrics for the scientific project, the robot design and the FLL values, the projectors, the Wi-Fi passwords, the software to introduce punctuations, the sandwiches, the PIT tables, the tables of the stage, the breakfasts, the T-shirts, the credentials and a long etcetera a lot of us don’t know. The thing is that the 10th of February arrived, and everything was ready to receive the biggest FLL tournament celebrated in Spain until now.

Do you want to know more? (more…)

BIGEL, change and transformation

Today I would like to introduce you the protagonists of today’s post, 7 young people who are here to stay in the entrepreneurship world, in a different way. They started their adventure in 2013 while they started the degree in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN) and since that moment they have been experimenting in the real world, learning along the way, they made some mistakes but, above all, with passion, enthusiasm and a lot of effort and work. Like them, I also wanted to enforce a new way of informing through Canva. Here you have BIGEL.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking the rules, making mistakes and having fun” (Mary Lou Cook)

Thank you, especially to Lander, Antonio and Angela for sharing a good time, good dreams, projects and looks of the future.

I’m sure that we’ll meet again, there’s still so much to do in the education and entrepreneurship world.

Good week to everyone.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

I am number 243

In September of 2016, 17 mentors, 11 schools and around 200 girls embarked on a pioneer project in Euskadi, one of those projects designed on a paper napkin and that holds fundamental values and ideas. Today, I bring you an entrepreneurial initiative of the educational area, which is born at the University of Deusto, guided by Andoni Eguiluz and Lorena Fernández, professor-researcher and Director of Digital Identity of the University of Deusto, respectively.

Do you know which project I’m talking about? I’ll give you a hint: inspire. (more…)