The secret of FICHA (token)

Last April 17, 2024 was a special day, a very special day, for me. I will tell you why, but first of all, let me start by expressing my gratitude.

I want to thank my colleague and great partner at the University of Deusto (UD), specifically Deusto Campus Cultura, Inhar Gonzalez Gutierrez. Inhar is in charge of cultural projects at the UD and coordinates the extracurricular training programs related to the different artistic disciplines and the initiatives of university cultural dynamization. Today, thanks to him and to an offer he made me a few months ago, begins a very important exhibition for me in one of the cloisters of the UD, my university. What a luxury and what a pleasure it is to work with Inhar, an example of creativity, good work, ideas and action. I hope it will be the first but not the last time.

Inhar discovered already “a while ago” my little works (Made With Loved Wood wlw_madewithlovedwood on instagram), which since last April 17 are exposed in the cloister of the UD. For me it is an honor, a pride and a great compliment.

As some of you know, I have been doing something for me for a couple of years, because I needed it and because “it was time”. “Of course”, I do it during the weekends (I couldn’t turn my life upside down either). One of my goals was to finally start taking care of myself and, by the way, to take care of the environment. That is how wlw_madewithlovedwood began.

If I have to say what this project consists of, I summarize it as a FICHA (token), composed of the basic elements Strength (Fuerza in Spanish), Innovation, Creativity, Ability (Habilidad in Spanish) and Learning (Aprendizaje in Spanish), and driven by Attitude. It is a personal project that materializes in the “RETO6R” (Challenge) that, besides putting into practice the coordinates of Sustainability (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle), leads me to Start (Emprender in Spanish) a beautiful path, Transform myself and do it through some of the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS in Spanish), obviously, Respecting Nature, Rescuing, Collecting (Recoger in Spanish) and Reusing the materials I use, while it brings me a little Relax. Best of all, this is giving me a great personal Rediscovery. But, it is hard, of course it is hard for me.

FICHA(Strenght-Fuerza, Innovation, Creativity, Ability-Habilidad y Learning-Aprendizaje)xA(Attitude)=RETO-Challenge(Reuse, Reduce y Recicle), Start-Emprender, Transform, SDG-ODS6Respect Nature, Rescue, Collect-Recoger, Reuse, Relax, Rediscovery

For a couple of months I’ve been a bit stopped, because my body doesn’t let me do what I would like, but I’m happy to share with all of you this great little project that I hope you like it (let me know if you want to). If you can stop by the UD, great, if not, I leave you a link where you can see the “pieces”.


The exhibition will be on until April 3rd and if at any time you would like us to share it, I am at your disposal.

Thank you in advance for your time.


To enhance the personal development of young people and children, focus, above all, on their emotional well-being and mental health, a few months ago the educational project amplificARTE (amplify+ART) was born, in which music, as a cross-cutting discipline, and education merged.

It is a collaboration of young teachers from the Generación Docentes (Generation Teachers program) of the Fundación Princesa de Girona together with young artists from Art House & Abbey Road Academy. An explosive mix that, as it could not be any other way, is having the success it deserves.

To describe the initiative, I propose the challenge of turning the following group of words into meaningful paragraphs, watch the video I share with you and learn more about the project through information on their website.

Group of words: purpose, challenge, music, education, values, emotional well-being, happiness, youth, children, emotion management, mental health, reflection, dialogues, enjoyment, new language, generation of teachers, role model, leaders, educational classrooms, paradigm shift, competence development, group and individual work (personalized), impact, educational centers, social institutions.

It’s your turn. Enjoy February.

Moving for the Arts

Here I am, finally! I wanted to sit down in front of the keyboard and return to this space. Besides, this year is special. In November 2024 I will celebrate 10 years with this blog. Who would say so? 10 years of stories, projects, entrepreneurs, values, attitudes, and characteristics. Each of the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial and innovative projects that I have been writing about have proved to me that entrepreneurship is a reality that is expressed in multiple ways. We must keep on making it visible.


Mis deseos para estas Navidades, y, sobre todo, para este año son los siguientes:/Hauek dira Gabon eta, batez ere, urte berri honetarako desioak:/My wishes for this Christmas and, above all, for this year are the following:
  • Que aunque nos veamos desde una perspectiva u otra, nos miremos/Nahiz eta ikuspegi batetik edo bestetik elkar ikusi, BEGIRA gaitezen/May we look at each other from one perspective or another.
  • Que cuando nos miremos, lo hagamos con ojos que reflejen una mirada real/Bata besteari begiratzen diogunean, BENETAKO BEGIRADA islatzen duten begiekin egitea/When we look at each other, may we do it with eyes that reflect a real look.
  • Que la mirada empática prevalezca ante todas las existentes/Dauden guztien artean, BEGIRADA ENPATIKOA lehenestea/May the empathic look prevail over all the existing ones.
  • Que la mirada de la envidia desaparezca/BEKAIZKERIAREN BEGIRADA guztiz desagertzea/May the look of envy disappear.
En definitiva, que aunque haya pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que nos vimos y nos miramos a los ojos, estemos deseando volver a hacerlo y disfrutar del momento y de lo que ello significa/Azkenik, azken aldiz ikusi eta begietara begiratu ginenetik denbora asko igaro den arren, ahal dugun guztia egitea berriro elkarri ikusteko eta momentu horretaz eta horrek esan nahi duenaz gozatzea/Finally, even if it has been a long time since the last time we saw each other and looked into each other’s eyes, we are willing to do it again and enjoy the moment and what it means.