About me

My name is Arantza Arruti. I have been working on what really passionates for more than two decades, easily said. I have the “good luck-fortune” of having been able to develop a profession (teacher/trainer) for which I began to prepare many years ago. Nowadays I continue to develop my facet as Associate Professor at the Department of Didactics and Curriculum Development at the University of Deusto. I combine it with the management and coordination of projects from the Faculty of Education and Sports as well as the Teacher Innovation Unit, and I complete with the collaboration in interesting projects/associations for women entrepreneurs such as Emakumeekin and Met Community, as well as with some other training actions and collaborations in Foundations such as WOP and Desafío + (más).

It is only relatively recently that I define myself as an intra-entrepreneur. This adventure began in 2007, when I was given the opportunity to embark on what has become my second great passion: the entrepreneur (PERSON) and his training. The “guilty” are Ingenio and Ekin-It, the two programs that during some years gave me much more than satisfaction; among others, I have met great people-professionals-students (participants) entrepreneurs; shared their ideas; get excited with them; work for a project that was worth it a lot, and walked together so that all that person who approached us and wanted it, could embark on the road towards the progressive realization of his DREAMS.

Today (November 2014) I start writing this blog. I am proud of it. It wants to be a showcase for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, a springboard, a link, a launchpad or a space to MAKE US KNOWN. It also wants to be a space to SHARE experiences, ideas, concerns, “fears”, new ways of doing and, above all, our/your DREAMS.

Anything you need as entrepreneurs, please, let me know.