The 20 characteristics of the entrepreneur

I admit that the time between this post and the last one has been longer than before. Unfortunately, sometimes life asks you to relax and calm down a little bit. It has been what has happened to me. This time, due to the lack of time to write the posts as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship deserve I have decided to write every two weeks more or less. The most important thing is that I am here and I am back writing about what I think it is more than worthy. Hello again.

Para aquellas personas que me habéis preguntado en más de una ocasión que es eso de la P.E., aprovecho este “primer” post de vuelta de las vacaciones para refrescar estas siglas.

For those who have asked me more than once what E.P. (in Spanish) means, I’ll take this “first” post back from holidays to refresh this acronym.

In order to answer propely, I’ve been gathering the adjectives and ideas that I’ve been using in the different posts and which, from my point of view, define the E (entrepreneurial) P (person), this is, the entrepreneur. It is very important to highlight that every single entrepreneur does no have all those qualities, values or characteristics in general at the same time and/or at a high level. After all, we can’t forget that we aren’t talking about a superman or superwoman, but about people, with capital letters in my opinion: PEOPLE.

Let’s get on with it, entrepreneurs:

  1. Know  what they want to achieve in life, in their life, because their goal is clear. They have also defined their action plan, which will certainly change; but which has to be clear is that entrepreneurs don’t hesitate in their life. Their challenges and dreams deserve a lot more than to wander about. Of course, always with foresight and opting for new challenges.
  2. Work a lot, a lot, a lot and, many times (the vast majority), do it without a fixed schedule, because they know that their achievements depend mainly on them, but also on the people who work with them to make the dreams come true, theirs and their team’s. Of course, making an effort to make their job well and to work comfortably and at what they like, because it’s their bet and therefore they’re able to give a little more than each day
  3. In addition to being constant in their work and being determined, they have no “problem” in dealing with problems and/or problematic situations with courage.
  4. Don’t wait for things to arrive but they go for them. They are proactive people.
  5. Persevere in their work and don’t give up at the first exchange. Besides, their degree of responsibility wouldn’t allow it.
  6. Are self-effective, confident and believe in their own abilities to face the multiple situations (adverse or not) that are presented to them.
  7. Are assertive when they need to be.
  8. Self-motivate.
  9. Normally, they surround themselves with people who are in their interest, often, with people with similar profiles to them, but in other cases, people with complementary profiles. In any case, with competent people and, of course, motivated. This is how their team should be.
  10. Are open to changeflexible and have an open mind.
  11. Are committed to their dreams.
  12. Are creative and innovative, because their ideas don’t remain only in “that”, but they set them in motion, execute them.
  13. Feel passion for what they do and put a lot of desire and enthusiasm in achieving their dreams.
  14. Have initiative and are usually a leader, of people, projects and experiences, with those who are involved.
  15. Usually have the gift of seeing opportunities where other people see “problems”.
  16. Are brave and when they have to face their fears and the obstacles that are presented to them in their life, they confront them, even knowing that the road doesn’t have to be easy.
  17. Learn (and train) constantly.
  18. Are aware that doing the same thing every day “doesn’t work”, that’s why they take risk. In addition to that, their curiosity and observation skills encourage them to discover new places, new people and new initiatives that add value to what they do and what gets them out of their control zone to move forward and evolve.
  19. Get emotional, yes, but they’re emotionally stable.
  20. Have a supportive, responsible and sustainable side that reflects, when they wants and/or can, the type of projects they carry out

And you, with which of those adjectives or characteristics do you identify yourself? Do you miss any?

I wish you a new academic year full of great ideas, roads full of good wishes and results that encourage us to continue creating, innovating and advancing.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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