A new vitamin, the C from creative

On the 10th of January of 2019 I attended the presentation of a new book about creativity written by two people who opt for creativity and innovation. I was quite interested not only because of the topic, but, above all, because one of the authors is an E.P. whom I already talked about in 2016 when we launched the second edition of the mentoring program MET Community in Bilbao.

I invite you to discover who I’m talking about and which is the book I’m referring to.


I want my small data

A few years ago, thanks to the MET community, I was able to meet the protagonist of today’s post, who is about to become a mom for the second time. She has made us another gift that I want to share with you all. Nagore de los Ríos is, without any doubt, an entrepreneurial woman and a great professional of the communication based on big data. A tireless worker since she was really young, she has a long career behind her, some awards and recognitions and more than one entrepreneurial project that became true. At the moment, Nagore works at Techfriendly, a group of multidisciplinary professionals who design and develop city strategies to solve challenges related to ageing, tourism, smart specialization, logistic or mobility.

Definitely, Nagore knows first-hand what making an effort means (sometimes too much, right?), working hard, working in a team, facing big challenges, innovating, creating almost from scratch and, even then, pretending everything is easy.

This Christmas I want to make you a gift that has to do with Nagore, the organizations, the people, the data, the information, the knowledge, the intelligence, the creative solutions, the personal solutions and, above all, has to do with the superpowers that I’m sure each of us could show with the help of the “small data”, in order to be citizens with individual decision-making power in smart cities. Because, as Nagore says:

The day where both administrations and businesses are able to give me back my personal data in real time, I, a citizen, I, a service and public products consumer, will be far more intelligent, and if intelligence is power, I’ll finally achieve my superpowers and I’ll be able to predict the future or, at least, reduce the uncertainty and, which is even more important, I’ll be able to make decisions in a much more free way” 

I  invite you to listen to this 10 min speech Nagore gave in Spanish in the TEDx León not long ago:

Thank you, Nagore, for your big contributions, for your way of explaining those concepts that are not easy to understand and congratulations for your new baby that I’m sure will be one of the privileged ones of having one of those precious assets as it is “its own algorithm”.

I wish you a great Christmas surrounded by all the people who make you happy and that the peace, illusion and happiness spirit won’t leave you during the whole New Year 2019. I’ll be back in January; until then, be happy and enjoy every day.



Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

Oscar, Lean and Canvas

Last 7th of March some of the mentors and mentees of the MET Community met up with other E.P. who came to the workshop about Lean Canvas given by  Rocío Rivera, coach, mentor, entrepreneur and expert on strategy, innovation and group and team management. We met there to, for once and for all, apply a tool which we had heard from many times. Rocío didn’t disappoint us at all. In fact, as we expected, the 2 hours passed quickly, but it was worth it.

The session with Rocío made it clear for us that the Lean Canvas allows us to tidy up, organize, plan and share, but also to think in alternatives, open more to other possibilities and be more motivated and with more illusion to move forward with our projects. Do you dare to prepare your Lean Canvas?

 You just have to follow a few steps to see if your project is on the way of becoming a reality or not. You can do it individually or in a group (I recommend you do the second option). You just have to follow the following order and start filling in your canvas. Do you dare?

  1. Costumers segments. Specify who is your target consumer and, above all, who are your early adopters.
  2. Problem. Identify at least 3 problems from your clients that your product or service may solve. At the same time, specify what alternatives your clients have in that moment to solve those problems.
  3. Unique value proposition. Summarize in a clear, simple sentence (KISS) what you are offering to solve the problems you have identified.
  4. Channels. Specify the access routes (channels) you want to use to bring your product or service to your customers.
  5. Reveue streams. Specify how are you going to do it to earn money.
  6. Cost structure. Analyze the costs that your project entails.
  7. Key metrics. Identify the key activities that serve as reference to confirm or not that your project is going well. Your project must be sustainable all the time.
  8. Unfair advantage. Specify in a sentence what makes you special and why should the client choose you and not others.

Don’t forget that it’s possible that your original idea changes as you answer all the different questions that the canvas suggests. That’s not bad and I’m sure that there are moments when you take a step back to change something.

Here you have some examples that I hope they are useful for you.

Enjoy the week and don’t waste many post-its, or do.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.


A few days ago, I talked to you about María Fernández, a woman full of energy and illusion who is passionate about the fashion world. Well, today, thanks to María and her network, I bring you a man, founder and CEO of a company dedicated to the fashion world for the woman of today, for the moment, and who is succeeding on the e-commerce. Last 23rd of February he visited us at MET Community.

I encourage you to know him and his business, which is succeeding among women. (more…)