Generación docentes: in favor of teacherpreneurs

Some posts ago I told you about one of the gifts I received during the pandemic (well, just before that, in February 2020) which was being able to participate on the 4th pedagogical expedition organized by FPdGi (Princesa de Girona Foundation). Today, I want to talk to you about one of their key program whose goal is to help develop teachers’ talents as transforming and innovating agents. In other words, help them be ready to respond to educational challenges of the actual and future society. Its name: Generación docentes (generation of teachers).

Each year, this one is the 3rd edition, the FPdGi selects between 25 and 30 students of Children’s or Primary Education to live a transforming and innovating learning experience that includes an adventure of internships in rural schools of Aragón, Extremadura and Galicia. A few weeks ago, the 2022-2023 call was open, which will end on the 31st of March.

I encourage the young people who meet the following characteristics to enter the link to read more in-depth the bases and documents of this call. If you like it, which I’m sure you’ll do, I also encourage you to join the Generación docentes program.


  • you are younger than 25 when you apply
  • you are studying children’s or primary education in any university in Spain
  • you have to do your internship and your final degree project in the next 4 months, being this your final year
  • you are compromised with education and society of change.

If you want and you can:

  • do a different internship in important rural schools in Aragón, Extremadura or Galicia
  • become a transforming teacher, with the capacity to innovate and create solutions to great educational challenges.

If all those ifs become a reality and, after applying, you are one of the selected people, look at what the Foundation is offering you:

  • a four-month stay at an important rural school where learning in an active, significative and transversal way through experimentation and active pedagogic IS A REALITY
  • financial support up to 3000 euros to cover travel and living costs in a different autonomous community from where you live
  • to participate in experiential and training days before the practicum in a learning active community with other young people
  • support for the development of your final degree project
  • a tutor from the university and two specialized teachers accompanying you during the internship
  • an insight of a social-educative reality of a different place
  • to experience the benefits of rural schooling

Ah, and all that surrounded by very motivated teachers, with great vocation, the ability to manage difficult situations in regards to social change and who work in multi-grade classrooms with heterogeneous groups where equal opportunities, cooperation, self-knowledge, and inclusion are the norm. The classroom has a familiar atmosphere which helps living together and the development of emotional intelligence, where the personalization of learning and working with the families go hand in hand, and where the learning spaces are bigger than the classroom, creating big opportunities of improvement of learning to the whole educational community.

If you still have doubts about Generación docentes, I encourage you to watch the following video, where some of their protagonists tell you in first-hand its virtues:

Don’t you think it is an entrepreneurial and innovative initiative that deserves to be on the blog?

Sandra, don’t ever stop surprising us with incredible initiatives such as this one and counting on us (on me, without doubt), for its design, development and monitoring.

Long live the teacherpreneurs and the initiatives and institutions like the FPdGi who believe in teachers as key and transforming agents of society.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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