An exceptional line-up

A few months ago, I told you that during the pandemic I got a gift difficult to forget. Then, I took the opportunity to present to you an initiative which I didn’t find hard to label as one of the E.PThe post I wrote was about Desafío + (Desafío más).

I hope you keep reading to see the invitation I’m making you because…

The thing is that the gift was followed by another one I didn’t expect. It contributed to making me think that what I do is worthy, maybe a little more than I thought because an incredible group of people had put faith in me once again to be part of this initiative. My answer? Affirmative, of course; and grateful for it.

Let me remind you that Desafío + is a community of people committed to the transformation and improvement of the world who, since 2015, has believed in talent as the tool for change and in innovation as the agent of individual, organizational and social improvement. That’s why we offer advice, inspiration, and training, or in other words, desafíos+meetings, seminars, monographic, talks and workshops. I’m talking about events where we share experiences, concerns, and good practices.

Today I want to present to you the relaunch of one of the successful Desafío + events: Desafío Talento Bizkaia. In this occasion, the work team consisting of Mikel, Unai, Pablo, Ana, Alberto, Prado and me, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the new Desafío with an exceptional line-up:

6 high-end talks, unique debates, live music, a coffee break to keep talking and the time for launch-conversation that always becomes the precursor of the big closure of the day.

We do that because we believe in people and we put faith in a humanistic leadership, for which we propose the following goals:

  • Guiding people’s purpose (ikigai) towards the achievement of their goals.
  • Creating spaces to think and transform.
  • Generating contexts of creativity, illusion, and synergies.
  • Educating and inspiring people and organizations.
  • Creating networks between people to share, learn and enjoy.

The key information about our new Desafío Talento Bizkaia is the following:

  • Day: November 13th, 2021
  • Time: 10am to 5pm
  • Place: Barakaldo
  • Address: BIC Ezkerraldea Building / Altos Hornos de Vizcaya road, n33
  • Price: 70 euros, because we still are a non-profit community that only wants to share with you the best of the best, for which we only need the minimum.

To register you just have to enter our website through this link.

I’m not going to miss it, but are you? I’d love to say hello to you and enjoy the inspiring people we’ll have there. Take another look at the line-up.

I’ll see you soon.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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