The first time I met the protagonist of this week’s post I was struck by her energy, vitality, enthusiasm, desire to continue teaching and, of course, to continue learning, but, above all, I was struck by her passion for education. She continues to transmit that passion today with “her art”, which many of us now carry with us and which does not go unnoticed.

She is Lurdes, Lur or Lur3898, her Instagram name, in case you would like to “gossip” a bit. If you want to know a bit more about her, keep reading.

In her life as an early childhood and primary school teacher, and as a school principal, Lur has had the opportunity to: develop her creative talent inside and outside the school; create hundreds of didactic materials, inventing costumes, sewing, drawing and painting; develop new and innovative projects; transform educational centres; promote a pedagogical renovation, encouraging the implementation of active and meaningful methodologies for students; open the school to the community; take improvement and specialisation courses in order to advance, update and train herself in order to offer her students the best of herself; and work hard every day, even moving from one place to another with her family in order to fulfil her dreams; and to face whoever was necessary to ensure that those around her would continue to be happy. Not in vain, Lur:

“He brought colour and life to the building… the pistachio green doors, the fish tanks embedded in the corridor and classroom partitions… She attracted families to the daily life of the centre, offering courses… theatre workshops, dance… Christmas festivals, in which all the pupils, from infants to the end of primary school, the families and the neighbours took part. The stalls… were a hive of joy, interest and pride of fathers, mothers, grandparents, etc.”

Just because of that, Lur deserves a space in this blog, don’t you think so? The best thing is that, almost without looking for it, our protagonist has managed to manage her creativity and capacity for innovation from almost zero or, I should say, from a seed. Yes, because today, Lur is the artist who designs, develops and sells more than beautiful, original and sustainable jewellery, because one day she found a seed that, of course, had to be put to a new use.

This is how Lur has already created several very special handmade collections, colourful, lively and eye-catching. I invite you to visit her Instagram account and take a look at them.

Thank you, Lurdes, for these jewels.

I’ll be back with a new post just before Easter.

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