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Today’s post is still related to COVID-19, simply because we can’t forget about it, at least for now. It’s true that the changes it created makes us not forget it, but let me remind you that most of us are privileged. We came to this situation in much better conditions than millions of people, some we know and some we don’t. So, please, let’s be positive.

In my case, I am thankful for having a place that allows me to move freely, technology resources that allow me and my family to work without having to “fight” for them, and, specially, because I have four people who I can talk to any time. That is a privilege.

So, today, the reflection and initiative I present you are related to this unexpected new “friend” that I personally would have liked not to meet. Oh, and in that way, I am still with the treasure hunt: the coronavirus game

Leaving aside the bad news of people who won’t be at my side when we can go outside again, I admit that these days I am receiving a lot of presents and treasures, such as these ones:

  • Rainbow paintings (I remind you that for those the sun has to come out)
  • Pictures of great warriors (heroes and heroines) who when they take out their masks we can see how hard it is to be wearing them and how much they want to not wear them again (and also then, they will still be our heroes and heroines): pharmacists (there are a few in my family, this time my most special representative is my sister ANE), health professionals (there are also many nurses and doctors in my family, for this post I choose my sister-in-law Lourdes and my cousin Amalia), entrepreneurs (who I also have, but I can’t leave aside my sisters Eli and Nes, and my brother-in-law Kristian), security staff and minimum services.
  • Smiles that hide (without achieving it) a sadness that is heavier every day it passes and smiles that are impossible to hide.
  • Gratitude in claps, where I take part every day.
  • Real FRIENDS.
  • Calls that make you regret not having made them before.
  • Unexpected calls you are thankful for, specially because people are interested in me, they want to know how it’s going, how am I coping with everything, because the truth is that life keeps going and our “baggage” is heavier every day.
  • Video conferences that start with a “and how are you and your family feeling? You know that we are here if you need us, right?”. Is there a better help than that? I don’t think so.
  • Sentences full of energy and hope.
  • The example of teachers and professors in general who are showing that when someone opts for  this profession they are an extraordinary person.
  • Songs that encourage us to keep going. These are the three I think are more successful these days, for various reasons:
  • Vivir (to live), by Rozalen, because it makes me feel closer to people who are going through a rough time and keep fighting with all of their strength. Listening to their voice or reading a message from them is, at this moment, the best they can give me.

  • Resistiré (I will resist), by various artists who have rescued it. Because yes, I also have closed exits, I’m afraid of silence, the night is not easy, many great memories are back, many of my dreams are broken and it’s hard to stand up. But I myself have decided that I will resist, I won’t give up, BECAUSE I want to keep living, even though nostalgia takes me more than once and essential people are not here on my day to day, although I know I’ll keep having to receive blows I didn’t decide to receive. Then, I decide to become iron to harden my skin, just the skin, because the heart will keep being the way it was. Thank God!

  • Canto a la vida (A hymn to life), by Vanessa Martin, because dreaming is in my hands and because I am sure that we will get out of the COVID19, because the same feeling unites us all and I will be here with you.

  • Another gift I received the other day was by Prince EA. He is an American rapper, spoken-word artist, music video director and rights activist of St. Louis, Missouri. He has a youtube channel for people to laugh, cry, think and love with the goal of them evolving. Today I share with you the video I received, which for me is a synonym of love, affection, solidarity, attention, awakening, discussing, talking, saying everything you want and don’t dare to say, because as Prince EA says “we are waves of the same sea” and the COVID19 is an F-Virus. I invite you to discover it by yourself.

Finally, I share with you another gift I received from my friend Charo, a story worth reading.

I hope this Easter we are even more aware of everything we have, I hope we enjoy it and each day will be a new day full of hope.

Thank you for still being there.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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