NESKUTS: an example of perseverance, effort, determination and courage.

I have to admit that since I started the blog I’m being more and more aware of the great talent that surrounds me. In fact, in more than one occasion I have talked about people who are very important in my life and are close to me. Today, let me introduce you again one of them. I have to tell you that she’s another one of my sisters. In any case, please, do not think that she has earned a place on this blog just because of that. If you want to know the real reason, I invite you to keep reading. I assure you that today I’m also bringing you an example of E.P. and entrepreneurship.

Neskuts, this one is for you. I love you.

I only know two more people who have the same name as her, which makes her a bit special. On the 9th of December in 1980 the 5th girl of the Arrutis was born. Another girl! Our dad was so proud. There wasn’t anyone or anything who defended his girls better and, even more, the little one who, by the way, doesn’t need anyone to defend her.

Her name is Neskuts. I’m sure you don’t know many people with that name, do you? In ortder to to maintain objectivity, I have asked some friends who know Neskuts to define her. Because this post is not just a matter of sisterly love.  Here you have some of the answers:

  • Responsible, worker, intelligent and mentally very quick.
  • With personality and judgement, clever, tenacious, determined, brave, self-confident and strong.
  • Happy, always with a smile on time, friend, someone who is always “there” when she’s needed and is always ready to help.
  • Who needs little to feel happy and to know how to enjoy the moment and the little things.
  • Familiar and, above all, a super mom!

How many of those characteristics have you seen me use to describe an E.P.? I’m not going to make you read the previous posts to find out, so I’ll tell you: a few. Because Neskuts has that entrepreneurial attitude that is necessary to be one entrepreneur and to start up her own business, one in which, finally, people recognize what she’s worth and the important work she does. The point is that, after a few years working, first in Denmark and later in Bilbao, her home town, in her field, the Law, and in big companies (Willis Towers Watson, Mercer Consulting S.L., Danfoss Drives A/S and lawyers Eurotax Bilbao), this woman decided, not while ago, to take the plunge. Because she, as I have already told you, is worth it. And I assure you that it’s not just sisterly love. I need to insist on that.

For me, Neskuts, apart from everything I have said before, is a great professional, very active (being a mom of two little boys it’s required, and that’s a PLUS), full of personality (because, I have no doubt that in the world in which she moves, it is necessary) and, at the same time, understanding, patient and very clear in her ideas.

In addition, she has an international profile that many would like to have, she speaks 4 languages (Spanish, Basque, English and Danish), and has a degree in law-economics at the University of Deusto (Bilbao) and the University of Aarhus (Denmark), Agent of Equal Opportunities by the National Distance Education University and Tax Specialists by the University of the Basque Country.

The 1st of May of this year, a bit more than a month ago, Neskuts presented her new professional but also personal and even familiar project. She herself presented it to us as a project that starts with “enthusiasm, illusion, many doses of happiness (and a bit of vertigo)”. With this project, she makes a dream  come true and presents herself, finally, as an expert in international mobility. A decisive person willing to accompany people and businesses who want to, to make the necessary legal and fiscal steps so they can focus on their resources in the main activity of their business. Because someone hard-working and with the exactitude necessary to deal with these topics is missing. Arruti Consulting, with Neskuts at the head, has that goal and positions itself as a company with practical experience in every continent of the world, and who works “with the best partners in each location to assure that everything goes by with the necessary legal security.”

The services Arruti Consulting offers are:

  • Legal advice about every subject related to international mobility from a fiscal, working and social security’s point of view, with personalized and direct support, and directed to both the company and the employees.
  • Human Resources consultancy. Orientated to supporting human resources teams in every task needed so the mobility of the employees is a success. From the design and the making of the politics and practical guides of mobility for the employees to the training of teams responsible of the human resources, through departure and return meetings, as well as telephone follow-up while abroad. 
  • Information and migration management. Support and legal aid to Community and non-EU citizens in Spain, as well as to Spanish citizens abroad.
  • Tax shifting optimization. Help to analyze the different paths and manage the ideal way for each person concerning the different paths of optimization for the income received because of the travels abroad of the organization’s employees

If you want to know more about these services or others that Arruti Consulting can offer you, I encourage you to get in touch with her:

Keep enjoying this month of June as it deserves.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.


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