They are FINALLY here!

A few months ago two people designed in their head a different space in the centre of Bilbao, a space to relax, to have an enjoyable time with your friends and family and to toast with them at special times, but also a place to celebrate different company events. That design was materialized in paper and a few days ago opened their doors to the public. Its name is TXOKO NORDISK.

Do you know what is it about?

Txoko Nordisk is a txoko, a space of Basque-Danish inspiration created and built basically in its totality by two entrepreneurs who have put all their illusion and enthusiasm in a project that has been made a reality thanks to the perseverance, effort and work (above all, so much physical work) done by them for months. Because, combining family and work is not easy, but Neskuts Arruti and Kristian Svenstrup are doing it.

I already talked to you about Neskuts in a previous post. She is an E.P. who on the 1st of May of 2017 presented her project Arruti Consulting that, as she said, she did it “with enthusiasm, illusion, many doses of happiness and a little vertigo”. Her first professional, personal and familiar project is joined by this one, a project on which, together with Kristian, her husband and father of their two children, has bet after carrying out a market study necessary for projects of this kind to come through. Clearly, both know what they’re talking about.

Since they met in Denmark, while they were studying Law and Economics, they have almost never separated. They know each other well and have had to overcome very diverse “obstacles”: cultural, social, personal and professional ones. But here they are, demonstrating what they are capable of and that both of them have many of those characteristics I consider of an E.P.

In Kristian’s case, he is a hardworking and perseverant person who speaks 4 languages (Danish, English, German and Spanish) and who has the degree of Master of Science (M.Sc) in Economics with the major in Business administration & Finance. He was trained mainly at the University of Aarhus (Denmark) and worked in Danfoss from 1998 to 2015. In 2006 he decided to settle in Bilbao, learn Spanish and be integrated in a new family and culture. Today he is an Athletic de Bilbao member; he lives in the centre of Bilbao and has his business in the Old Quarter of Bilbao. Yes, he is Danish, which is in his genes, but we can’t say he hasn’t won many points not to be considered one of our own, because the people from Bilbao are born wherever they want, aren’t they?

In 2015, after getting to be a part of the steering committee of the company where he was working since he finished his studies, he decided to change his lifestyle. He wasn’t happy with what he was doing and that made him have some time off to think. Yes, because Kristian wasn’t (completely) happy. How many times have we said that? How many times have we said to ourselves that we would like to do other things, but haven’t done them? Well, here you have a person who decided to take the plunge and do it, with premeditation and ambush, of course.

Since 2015, Neskuts and Kristian have had to make decisions that have been difficult for both. Basically, they had to reconsider their life. Today, apart from their two children, they have two more, Arruti Consulting and Txoko Nordisk, which need all of their support, love and understanding.

Txoko Nordisk is in the heart of the Old Quarter of Bilbao, in the Barrenkale Street, 26. Their creators define it as an “oasis”, a different place, a lovely, comfortable and functional place that is worth a visit. Built with wood and stone and decorated in white tones, it has the Nordic look they pretended to get. It’s equipped with a full kitchen, toilets, storage, dining room, a relaxation area and a space for children, they have the latest ventilation system, air purification and air conditioner that will keep the air always clean and healthy. If anyone wishes they can enjoy free internet (Wi-Fi and cable), but only if it’s necessary. Oh, and the kids also have their space, their txiki-zona or Valhalla (sky of the Vikings), with the classic balls to play with, a table football, a variety of toys and a television, among other things. And for the less children, they have a wonderful relaxation area. Some people have already tried it and they affirm that “this is like being home”.

I invite you to visit it. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect “excuse” to rent it. Here you have their website again:

Do you dare?

Enjoy the week and be good. 

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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