Today for once I want to draw your attention to a product created by a group of entrepreneur women. I’ve already talked about two of them once, María Fernández and Ruth Guerrero, who I met a few years ago in the MET Community program; and about the other two, Naiara Portuondo and Joana Videgain, not yet, but I had to and today is the first step.

The four of them together have more than 6 start-ups, 40 years of entrepreneurship experience (do not forget what being E.P. means) in the European, USA and Mexican market, and with great expertise in E-commerce, Fashion Tech, Digital Marketing, Retail and programming. Obviously, a great team.


The fact that the WHO (World Health Organization) advises not to use mobiles until the age of 2, or even better if it’s not until 5, or psychologists such as Marc Masip, from Desconectaaffirm that screens are the new “addiction without substance”, have increased by 300% the requests for its treatment every year, it’s not peccata minuta. THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM.

We still don’t know the harm that causes the abusive use of mobiles and screens in general to our brains (especially to children’s), but what it is a reality is that many experts consider it as the heroin of the 21st century. It must be for a reason, right?

The Kietoparao team has it very clear, the key is to educate our children on the responsible use of technologies (because for many people they’re not new) and teaching them where, when and how much to use them. And when children are not too aware of them, the key is to teach adults their use. I bring you good news, because Kietoparao has part of the solution. And it’s not only me who says it.

“The wonderful team at @kietoparao have made something that we’ve been requesting for a very long time, easy games to play anywhere and not be tempted to lend smartphones to the kids. More than 12 games in 200g” @unapizcadeeducación

The wonderful team at @kietoparao have made something that we’ve been requesting for a very long time, easy games to play anywhere and not be tempted to lend smartphones to the kids. More than 12 games in 200g” @unapizcadeeducación

Kietoparao is a light and very versatile complete learning kit of just 200g you can always carry around with you. If you want to take it with you, “just in case” you’re on a trip or you’re going to a celebration-event with children, for example, you don’t even have to take it out of your bag or the car. It’s resistant, eco-friendly (made with recycled bottles, wood and organic ink) and plastic-free and has been made by people with functional diversity, but 100% qualified from Lantegi Batuak and following the STEAM philosophy. Oh, and remember that in this kit you’ll find infinite entertainment with more than 20 games. What more do we want?

And that’s the “big” version, because the smallest model fits in the back pocket of your jeans. By the way, a great choice for bars and restaurants.

In the Kietoparao kits you will find learning games for children to develop different skills: they will work in a playful way on their memory, strategy, motility, mathematics, etc. They’ll be able to play more than 20 games in just one “little bag” and they can do it by themselves or accompanied (by other children or adults) because Kietoparao is not just for kids. A board, a tangram, a memory game, a domino, crayons, drawing sheets, a parchís, pastimes… HEY, WAIT A MOMENT, what am I doing explaining what Kietoparao is if you can watch it?

kietoparao video

A lot of games in a small purse, for all ages; what I like most is that it is designed so that children do not get glued to a screen” Pachu @pompasdeelefante

What if you invest in this kit? This is your opportunity, take advantage of this offer UNTIL THE 7TH OF JULY and, in addition to that, you will help these great E.P. to achieve their dream. Oh, I forgot to tell you the price. The biggest kit is 40euros, but the more you buy the less you pay. The Kietoparao team is in full promotion right now and have to sell a few of them before the 7thWe will make it.

If you’re confused and don’t know how to help them, María will be more than happy to help you. You can talk to her through e-mail or phone +34 686580311.

Will you help us?

Enjoy the week and we’ll “see each other” soon.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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