Ki ¿what?

Imagine that you already know it. Imagine that you have even had fun with its products, services, and multiple consultancies. That’s good, isn’t it? Well. Now, imagine that you know of someone who hasn’t had the opportunity, either because the information hasn’t reached them or because they thought it “didn’t suit them”. That is one of the main reasons why I am writing this post today.

If you want to know about a project that started to become a reality a few years ago and that has some entrepreneur women behind it, keep reading.

Today, I am going to talk about Kietoparo. Wait a bit if you already know them, because maybe today you find out something new, who knows?

Let’s play a little bit. From the following list, check what you know about Kietoparo. It is a project that:

  1. It is related to food.
  2. It is related to technology.
  3. It is aimed at children.
  4. It is aimed at adults.
  5. It is for all businesses.
  6. It is customizable and personalized.
  7. It tries to impose.
  8. It tries to anticipate harmful situations.
  9. It tries to fight against a nowadays current evil.
  10. It wants to prevent.
  11. It offers different solutions.
  12. It is affordable for all budgets.
  13. It is based on well-known formulas.
  14. It is very difficult to use.
  15. It is very heavy.
  16. It is very easy to transport.
  17. It is a gift for Christmas.
  18. It is a gift for any occasion.
  19. It can be used in multiple spaces.
  20. It is a sustainable product.
  21. It has a social impact.

To find out the correct answer, you can visit their youtube channel or website, click here and read the previous post I wrote, or browse through the different folders they have on their Instagram account. If you still have any doubts and are interested in finding out a bit more about “what’s Kietoparo all about”, contact María and her team (phone +34 609838649 and email They will be happy to answer all your questions and find a solution.

Thank you team for still being there, with new proposals every week and making the world and its inhabitants happier, more communicative, and human.

Enjoy the last day of February, March is here.

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