A couple of years ago, when I was posting something on my Instagram account, I discovered some very colorful and size XL jewels that, without any doubt, caught my attention. I liked them so much that it didn’t take me too long to click on her account and her web page, press the “like” button and do some research about who was behind them. That’s when I thought about writing a post about the E.P. that lead the brand which I’m going to talk about today and, of course, that’s also when I thought about having one (or more) of their pieces.

Do you want to know who I’m talking about? Keep reading, because I’m going to tell you.

I’m sure that a lot of you already knew about them, because what I’m talking about is papiroga, a fun, bold and refreshing Spanish brand of original accessories whose main goal is not only to transform our look but to change our state of mind.

papiroga is led by three of its founders, Leire Urzaiz, Estefanía de Oliveira and Daniel Coma-Cros, or in other words, a woman from Bilbao, another one from Madrid and a man from Barcelona, trained in Bilbao, Madrid and London, and Barcelona respectively. Let’s say it’s the perfect combo. Leire is an industrial engineer by the University of Deusto; Estefanía studied fashion design at the Technical University of Madrid and at the University of Arts London; and Daniel studied at the Pompeu Fabra University and at the University of Barcelona.

(Creativity + Sales + Expansion + Brand strategy) raised to the Experience + Training X (Effort + Work + Illusion + Desire to innovate) = Successful project

I have read more than once that they have their feet on the ground, but I admit that it must not be easy. Maybe being aware of the fact that they live off of what they do makes them be more on the ground and less in the clouds.

I have to say that, according to what they say, the three of them were really happy in their steady and well-paid jobs, but in 2011 they created their start-up because they wanted to make things in a different way and wanted to change the world (this is not the first time I tell you this about the E.P.).

To this day, papiroga can be found in more than 130 shops in more than 25 countries. All of that in less than 10 years. I think it’s a real success of the company. Their main study-shop-workshop is in Madrid, in the Felipe IV street. In its large window you can read its motto:

How do you wanna feel today?

If there’s something I really like about papiroga is not only their designs, but, among other things, that they say that:

Since 2011, in papiroga we’ve been doing every day whatever we want thanks to the great team we work with, because there’s no other place than our workshop and because the world can be an exciting place.

You just have to enter their website and see part of the limitless combinations they’ve made, from the more elaborated ones to the more minimal, going through a wonderful range of colors, and with geometric shapes sometimes impossible to think about: a new world of light earrings that are ready for every type of woman, but especially for anyone who never imagined wearing every day or just special days a pair of earrings that make you feel unique and without prejudices, because as their designer says:

The world of earrings (same as the world of feelings and states of mind, which change daily) only has the limits you want it to have.

I don’t want to end this post without inviting you to see and feel the Madrid shop. I’m eager to visit it and feel the colors, the sweetness, the happiness, the joy and the simplicity they transmit us with just seeing the designers and the pictures. It’s a way of seeing that enjoying your job is possible. Thank you for showing it to us. I’ll go visit it as soon as I can.

Here you have a few images of their space and two of their founders (in Spanish).

Finally, I encourage you to listen to the #fashtechtalk podcast (in Spanish), where Leire and Estefanía tell us about the beginnings and they give us a few tips to make an idea last a long time (because remember that the most important thing for the success of a project is not just the idea).

For many experts of the fashion world, papiroga is, to this day, a pioneer in the XL jewels of our country. Besides, many distinguished women from Spain are devoted followers of them. Now, as their founders say, this fact has been “a springboard so multi-brand stores check it out”, but

The real success is seeing women, both known and unknown, who think about us for a special day such as their wedding or a party with their friends!

I already have my papiroga, and you, do you dare to wear them? I encourage you to take part on the exclusive club of papiroga followers, because we’re worth it.

Be happy.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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