If you like travelling and eating, you’ll fall into their clutches

The post I bring you today is dedicated to a person who is very special to me. I’m talking about someone I met a few years ago when she was studying Primary Education at the University of Deusto and I was one of her professors. She was a very hardworking, constant and committed student, by the way. Besides, I was “lucky” to be the tutor of her final degree about education and entrepreneurship, which she did with her colleague Jennifer Silveria. Her name is Jessica Paños-Castro. Today, she is a teacher in Primary Education and my fellow sufferer.

This is not the first time I’m talking about her, but it is the first time I’m talking about something different. If you keep reading, you’ll know her new facet. Do you want to?

The fact that Jessica supports entrepreneurship is not something new, and neither is that she’s a teacherpreneur, but did you know that she also has a website about restaurants and travelling? That’s the reason this post is dedicated to her.

Let me get to the point. The website I’m talking about is https://misrestaurantesyviajes.com/. If you already want to stop reading, that’s fine, but if you don’t, let me tell you more. From the first moment you see her page or her social media, everything is colour, beauty, ideas, plans, meals, charming places, desire to travel, more desire to travel, and pictures and videos that hook you.

If you are one of those who don’t know how to start organizing a trip and it happens that Jessica “has already been there”, there you have it. You just have to go to her page, look for the place, start reading and “take notes”. Oh, and if you want to go to any restaurant, special or not, I also encourage you to go to her website or her social media, because she will always surprise you.

By the way, this is the social media I’m talking about:

These websites are managed by Jessica and her partner Egoitz. They define themselves as “culture explorers”. They are good trip planners and every time their job and money allow it, they disconnect from their routines by travelling. Both (because sometimes they travel separately) like travelling independently, organizing everything on their own and touring every nook of every country. By the way, Jessica is the one who writes the posts and manages social media, while Egoitz edits the videos and pictures (amazing pictures).

The first trip they went on was to China. They stayed there for more than a month and then they went to other places: Vietnam, Cambodia, Edinburg, France, London, etc. and they are not stopping there.

Jessica loves to specify everything there is to see and to taste, even though she’s open to unexpected adventures. With the camera in hand, she takes pictures of everything that goes in front of her to immortalize the memories. In that sense, Egoitz sometimes has to suffer to take pictures that catch Jessica’s attention.”

The truth is that there’s not much else to say, I just have to encourage you to fall into this couple’s clutches, because I’m sure they will not leave you indifferent.

Thank you, Jessica and Egoitz, for your time, work, and way of sharing your trips, restaurants and discoveries.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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