Entrepreneur women who know what working hard means

Today I won’t mislead you with this post (which I’ve never done before), because the truth is that I had a GREAT desire to focus on entrepreneur women again. Those that, as one of the protagonists of today, say that when you start your business you have to know that more than the launching of successful start-ups,

“being entrepreneur means being cold in the street, because although it might be your passion, it’s not easy”.

So, here we are again, after a week full of entrepreneurs, especially women.

Last Friday I remembered that some of the entrepreneur women that I’ve talked about on the blog before met, this time in Bilbao, to launch a new concept store; in other words, a store that was originally conceived as a mix of art, culture and fashion that has been successful in cities like Paris, Milan or London among the “cooler” public. Well, you can see that Bilbao doesn’t have any reason to be jealous of those big cities that are an example in fashion, culture and art topics.

The thing is that on Friday 22nd March I was able to enjoy a pleasant evening mainly because of the women who I met with again: entrepreneur women with great projects where you can see the social entrepreneurship, the solidarity, and networking in the hands of Isabel, from @2d_bilbao; the mix of cultures and love of Africa of Marina, from @kimbambashop, who I met for the first time on Friday and who shows, through her products, that a fabric and, especially, a culture can be captured in a thousand different ways; the art of color and how multipurpose it is in the hands of a professional entrepreneurial woman like Ana, from @anaortuondo; María’s art to make special clothes that you have to know how to wear in a stylish way (although style is impregnated in the garment), because María, from @eme.b_maria_barrilero, knows very well what to make and how to make it; the hands of another María, who knows how to attract women through jewels that she herself designs and creates, and which dazzle us, María, from @ku.by.maria, continue with it, because we love it; and finally, another new discovery for me, her name is Marian, from @marianlarreaplata, who you can imagine by her username, works with silver in a very special way. I encourage you to follow their projects and to support them because they deserve it.

Today I also want to present you other women that from the 28th of March to the 8th of April, they are launching again their pop-up (the Design pop up Bilbao 5th edition). This time they have gone all out and have prepared a renewed pop-up. They will be in Jardines Street 6, in the Casco Viejo of Bilbao, from Thursday to Monday from 11:00 to 20:30 (Sundays from 12:00 to 15:00).

In this occasion, the women you are going to find are:

  1. Lágrimas de Cocodrilo (ropa infantil)
  2. Torontile (serigrafía artística)
  3. Mama Kitenge (moda de inspiración africana)
  4. Mariangela Artese (Ilustración)
  5. Palopalú (juguetes de madera)
  6. Ciaobellaido (joyería y tocados)
  7. LoopAstrid (complementos personalizados)
  8. Kiribiltxo (joyería contemporánea de autor)
  9. Con S de Su (bolsos de edición limitada)
  10. Ana Ortuondo (Pañuelos)
  11. Wawata (camisetas sostenibles)
  12. Terai Cosmética (cosmética natural)
  13. Mxuk (moda para mujer)

I invite you to enter their Facebook page and, if you still don’t know them (which won’t be because I haven’t talked about them), do it. By the way, I for sure will visit them again, I hope more than once, because I also want to keep supporting entrepreneur women, local design, the art that runs through their veins, their daily effort to carry businesses that don’t make themselves forward and because, for me, they are part of my E.P. family.

Will we see each other?

A huge hug to all of you and long live entrepreneur women who are cold in the streets or not, but who work hard for it.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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