Terai: from playing with cosmetics to looking after our outside and inside

Serenity, tranquility, relax, trust and naturality is what the protagonist of today’s post has been transmitting since I met her. I’ve been after her for a while and finally, a few days ago, we had the opportunity to talk calmly.

I encourage you to know another entrepreneurial woman who believes that permanent training and research are necessary, and who aims for the benefits of nature for our health. Of course, with a scientific base.

Our protagonist of today is not other than Verónica García, PhD in Environmental Technology and Analytical Chemistry. Trained at the UPV (University of the Basque Country), Finland and England, awarded with one of the Juan de la Cierva scholarships and with more than 15 years of experience in the research world in different universities from Finland, UK and Spain, Verónica is the soul of Terai Cosmética, founder of the brand in 2015 when it was launched and, of course, a true entrepreneurial woman.

In Terai, Verónica elaborates organic and “real” natural cosmetics to look after our skin in a healthy way in order to provide us with well-being, happiness and relaxation, among others.

As an entrepreneur, Verónica is part of associations that support the entrepreneur. such as EmakumeEkin and Design Pop Up Bilbao . She is also part of Bizilore and Arbaso, the association for the promotion of the traditional crafts in Euskal Herria. Because, as she says:

“I am a legal artisan”

As a PhDVerónica spends most of her work hours researching, trying, reading and learning every day. This won’t be the last time we talk about the importance of training for the entrepreneur on this blog. Besides, as a responsible of the I+D+I department of the brand Terai, Verónica helps other professionals to launch their own brands. All of that from her shop-lab Biobilbao.

As a specialist in natural cosmetics, Verónica is focused on Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers and the Ayurveda. She always uses organic ingredients to create the natural cosmetics (dermatologically tested in human beings and with very good results), that she makes in an artisan way using organic vegetable-based raw material. Among the ingredients she uses you can find the following: essential oils, vegetable oils, butter and wax, Bach flowers, hydrolat, Ayurvedic herbs and traditional herbs.

To know what the Terai cosmetics have, I invite you to watch the following video (in Spanish):

Apart from her shop-lab, Verónica gives lectures, does workshops and other events about topics related to her philosophy: ecology, healthy habits and food, Bach flowers, Reiki and other alternative therapies, as well as workshops for us to make our own cosmetics. And, of course, the famous “tupper cream” she organizes where each person can know and experiment in detail the different products and the project behind them.

By the way, I don’t think I have said that in BioBilbao they also sell in bulk. A wise move, without doubt.

To keep moving forward every day, Verónica has a team of 5 people who support her: Edu, her right hand; Inés, the Communications Director; Sandra, Customer Service; Guadalupe, the Responsible of the Sales Department; and Juanma, the graphic and web Designer.

I would like to end this post with Terai’s commandments:

  • To create healthy cosmetics with natural ingredients with the biggest illusion, passion and positive energy possible.
  • To base our philosophy on the commitment with people, the environment and animal’s rights.
  • To use our products as a transmission channel of positive emotions.
  • To consider people’s necessities when we design our products.
  • To work every day in our shop-lab BioBilbao in continuous research to be able to make the most out of the infinite possibilities and benefits nature offers us.
  • To love and respect the environment and animals.
  • To never lose our artisan character from Bilbao.

You can find Verónica in C/ Gordóniz 27 Bajo (Bilbao), through phone 944 052 278, or via e-mail info@teraicosmetics.com.

Enjoy these weeks.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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