What if I told you that the E.P. that I present you today can make you or your business shine with its own light? What if that person is able to get back that light that defined you when you started your professional journey and, because some reasons, does exist anymore?. Would you like to know her?

That’s what I’m going to do today, but you’ll have to keep reading this post.

Are you still there? Good, that means you’re interested.

Her name is Mamen Abad and she is the creator, responsible for, worker, CEO and, ultimately, the PERSON behind

I really like the way she defines herself:

“Image consultant, I help both people and business to know themselves better, to have a better image of themselves and to know how to transmit to others what they really wish. In the end, it is about developing that essential responsibility for every person: body language”.

Here you have a passionate and enthusiastic fashion woman and a hard worker. Not in vain she started working when she was 15 and today, after the age of 30, she is as active as ever, working and learning day by day. Currently she is in mother-mode, but that doesn’t take away even a bit of professionalism, quite the opposite really. Being a mother has taught her a lot, and although it sounds like an overused phrase, since 2012 when she had her first child, her daughter, the possibility of seeing life and taking it another way has made Mamen rethink, again, the course her life had to take. Of course, with the unconditional support of her guardian angel, her husband, from whom she has always received support. And it’s that, how important it is to feel supported by those around you. In that, Mamen also feels privileged.

Mamen has always been surrounded by fashion and beauty, with always an impeccable working mother to follow in her footsteps, and with some friends and a family that have never let her cease in her determination (and dream) to become Naomi Campbell. Yes, because her dream was that, to become nothing less than the great Naomi Campbell, the goddess of ebony. There is nothing. For what else are dreams for? The truth s that she already showed promise when she studied to become a model.

Mamen started to excel on the fashion world as one of the first examples of fashion bloggers, quickly said. And even though in the last 17 years of her professional life she has been working on a tax consultancy, she never forgot her dream and has kept preparing herself for it.

Those who know her don’t agree on how to describe her: image consultant, personal shopper, teacher, speaker, collaborator in radio and TV shows, makeup artist, model, stylist, events host, coach, etc. I highlight her strength, her good intentions, her attitude towards life, her ability to work, her responsibility, her independent and autonomous character, her availability, her will to achieve whatever she wants, her daily fight and her ability to always be updated. Because even though some may say you are stubborn, I understand that in a totally positive way, I think you are perseverant, like every other self-respecting entrepreneur. Because we need a lot of “that”.

Mamen is of those people who believe that if plan A doesn’t work, you have to do plan B, if not, plan C, and like that successively. And if not, you reinvent yourself. Because like Mamen says, “where is the problem?”

As you can see, Mamen is much more than an image consultant, don’t you think? She is backed by many years of experience, an extensive list of clients and a great desire to do well her work and to satisfy her clients, because the quality seal in what she does is included in her business card.

From the 1st of November of 2017 you can find her in Gran Vía 19-21, well if you get to coincide with her. I recommend you call her to make an appointment with her. You can do it by calling 94 435 97 47 or 637 50 02 27. If you prefer you can send her an e-mail to

Oh, on top of that, Mamen is also a partner of EmakumeEkin, as it couldn’t be in any other way.

Thank you, Mamen, for your time and your honesty.

Enjoy the week and this new month.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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