What about you? Do you now the daughter of LISFAB, granddaughter of URBEGI and BBK?

The initiative I bring you today was officially presented to society a few months ago, exactly on January 31, 2017. In this case, two institutions of recognized prestige, the Urbegi Foundation and the BBK Banking Foundation, have joined forces. Its goal is to make available to those that belong to the entrepreneurial ecosystem a new and pioneering tool. I very much believe that we should be a part of this great family.

Do you want to know it and have it among your favorites?

Its name is Emprendimiento 4.0 (the glocal network) and is the daughter of LISFAB Bizkaia (Factory of Local, Innovative, Internationalizable, Sustainable and Solidary Projects). In the words of its creators, the objective of LISFAB is “to encourage the creation or boost of viable business projects with a high local commitment, competitive, innovative, sustainable, solidary and with a vocation of international projection through open collaboration and participation of those necessary agents to carry them out. ”

That’s what Urbegi Foundation and the BBK Banking Foundation have agreed to and have created Emprendimiento 4.0 (the glocal network), a tool, a technological platform or an active community development system for the creation of collaborative business and employment projects. There is room for many agents, both economic and social in our territory.

For those who are wondering who these agents are, here’s the answer:

  • Main actors:
    • Entreprenneurs
    • Small of medium organizations
    • Professional in search for a work project
    • Driving organizations
  • Supporting actors:
    • Dynamizing agent
    • Investor/Financial
    • Support and economic promotion entities
    • Knowledge, research and training centers

In short, a large group of people, institutions, investors, enterprising companies and entrepreneurs who at the time showed the need to have a tool that would give them the ability to easily communicate their needs and opportunities; to have guides for the management of projects with the greatest success possible; to have results and situation data; to have organized and accessible information on the ecosystem; to have a simple and fast relationship system. Those are the main reasons why Emprendimiento 4.0 (the glocal network)was born.

In the words of its founders, “it is a question of taking advantage of the capacities, people and resources of the territory to support economic development, job creation and social cohesion.” Maitane, Aida, Alex, Pablo and Jonatan have been developing this project for a few years already. Thank you for making it possible.

Personally, the interesting thing about this digital platform is that the different agents that form part of Bizkaia’s business and entrepreneurial ecosystem have a new space where we can collaborate and cooperate with each other, interconnect, monitor, create synergies, network, generate ideas,  share and/or develop ideas, transform ideas and dreams into realities, answer to diverse interests, interact, create joint projects or consolidate/improve existing ones, inform other agents about projects, ideas or other interests, propose improvements, propose improvements, seek collaboration channels, offer or detect new job opportunities, strengthen ties, offer development spaces, bring knowledge, promote or invest in projects with guarantee, offer resources and tools for the generation and/or consolidation of projects, make activities and/or entrepreneurs visible, etc. What more could you want?

MetCommunityLISFAB Bizkaia expects to accommodate around 300 business and employment projects in 2017. Will yours be one of them? I have to confess that it didn’t even take a minute for me to be part of this initiative through my own blog. Apart form that, as a member of MET Community my involvement with the Urbegi Foundation and of course with the person of Pablo Ocaña was guaranteed. Now my role is to act as a catalyst. I am doing it.

Become an active part of LISFAB through Emprendimiento 4.0 (the glocal network). From now onwards, the next step depends on you. Enter the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Bizkaia through the following links:

Here you have a video in which Pablo Ocaña explains, in Spanish and in more detail, the project LISFAB and Emprendimiento 4.0 (the glocal network).

Do not hesitate and be part of Bizkaia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Enjoy the week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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