Up! Euskadi. Doing by working hard.

Today I bring you some news that were published a few weeks ago. I think that there are very interesting, especially for those E.P. that have a company or an entrepreneurial project, and who are looking for some kind of support or advice.

It doesn’t matter the sector to which you belong: Related industries and Services, Bio/Health, Cybersecurity, Energy, Information and Communication Technology, Agrofood, Business or any other type of activity or service you offer are included in this initiative.

Do you want to know what it’s about? I invite you to keep reading.

It’s the new Basque network of Startups that has been launched into the market and that encourages us, all of us who have a business or an entrepreneurial project, to join the new company portal Up! Euskadi.

What do you need?

Approximately 15 minutes to fill in the form in Basque, Spanish or English. From that moment you will find:

  • More than 10.000 subscribers that are going to receive information from you and your company.
  • Another 200 companies that shape the Network at this moment.
  • A Basque entrepreneurship system which you’ll be a part of.
  • A broader group of E.P. who think that being entrepreneur is more than an adventure and an attitude (which, in fact, it is), because undertaking is mainly action, it’s deciding and doingit’s working.

You can enter today and become part of the big family that is going to contribute:

  • A place in the portal Up! Euskadi.
  • A reference point for potential investors and clients.
  • promotion and visibility platform you’ll be able to keep updated.
  • The possibility to make interviews in video or radio, be in social media and receive the Startups of Euskadi newsletter where you can be the protagonist.
  • Specialized information about instruments for the growth of your startup.
  • Networking with other companies and agents.
  • Updated information about new technologies that can open markets for you, help you grow or get more clients.

Do you want to miss it?

This initiative is one more among the different actions carried out 3 years ago by the public Basque institutions who launched a shared strategy to foster a more entrepreneurial society and to strengthen the entrepreneurship in Euskadi. I encourage you to watch the following video (in Spanish) to see some of those mentioned initiatives and actions.

Today, finally, you have in your hands a “tool” that will open up a world of possibilities. Don’t let this opportunity go away and become a part of the Basque entrepreneurship system.

Enjoy these weeks.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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