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Today I bring you some news that were published a few weeks ago. I think that there are very interesting, especially for those E.P. that have a company or an entrepreneurial project, and who are looking for some kind of support or advice.

It doesn’t matter the sector to which you belong: Related industries and Services, Bio/Health, Cybersecurity, Energy, Information and Communication Technology, Agrofood, Business or any other type of activity or service you offer are included in this initiative.

Do you want to know what it’s about? I invite you to keep reading.


ParaPUPAS, the platform that leads Arancha Guerrero

Today it’s the turn of one of the mentees of the Met Community program, which I have talked to you about more than once, and one of the projects that she has created. This mentee is Arancha Guerrero and the project is called ParaPUPAS. Do you want to know about it? Just keep reading, you’ll discover who she is and what does this more than interesting project consist of, which is already a reality.