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Do you know how much money you have now? What are you wasting it on? What are your banks charging you? Or just, how can you manage it better? Probably, if you had Fintonic you could answer these questions with just pressing a button.

If you’re interested, I’ll tell you that Pablo Luis Uriarte, former managing director and vice president of BBVA, Carina Szplika, former managing director of ING España, and Javier Marín, former managing director of Banco Santander, are just a few people who have decided to invest in Fintonic. Why would that be?

If you want to know what is Fintonic, I encourage you to keep reading. You’ll discover the app for which the big powers of the financial world, banking and the investment are betting. Are you in?

Founded in 2012 and inspired by, the number one app on the American market to manage personal finances, Fintonic is considered by many people as the leader app for finances in Spain.

Google Mobile Innovation award, in Fintonic they try to find always the best loan among all the entities connected to the multiple-entities platform; to offer an easy contract, without big paperwork and without getting out of the app; and to work on a transparent way, without commissions and without small print. Oh, remember, they always watch out for the interest of the person and not of the bank.

Fintonic helps you, among other things, to:

  • Understand, manage and simplify the accounting so you can boost your savings.
  • Facilitate the control over all your entities with alerts for commissions, duplicates, overdrafts, deposits and expenses made.
  • Give you more power because it helps you to understand how banks are rating you.
  • Offer you the possibility of contracting among every loan and insurance of the more than 50 entities.
  • Maintain your bank accounts unified.
  • Generate quotes according to the expenses made.

As you can see on the following video, Fintonic is a professional, intelligent, intuitive and very visual app that uses colors and graphics to present every matter in an easily understandable way, giving you the possibility of establishing categories, offering you search bars, security codes and the possibility of having your data updated all the time. What else do you want? Oh, by the way, it’s already regulated by Banco de España. You will say if it’s worth downloading the app.

It’s important for you to know that it’s an app completely free for users since the way they generate income it’s based on advertisingstatistical analysis and treatment of personal and consumer data, and agreements with collaborators. Do you know what’s good? That they have in mind the users’ lifestyle and necessities, and based on that they analyze the products and services the are on the market that best suit them, interesting, right. isn’t it?

Last 19th of January, in the training and mentoring program for entrepreneurial women of MET Community, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Fintonic cofounders: Sergio Chalbaud. Settled in Madrid, this entrepreneur from Bilbao graduate in Business Management and Economics by the University of Deusto, MBA by the University of Chicago and he has some certifications such as the Charterer Financial Analyst-CFA and the Certified Financial Risk Manager-FRM that credit him as a financial analyst and financial risk manager.

In 2004, Sergio founded IDEON Financial Solutions, his first start-up, a technology and consultancy company specialized in giving solutions and developing innovative financial services. And in 2012, with wide experience on the financial sector on his back, not in vain, IDEON established its business profile in the Fintech world, after 9 years of experience in banking he decided to create Fintonic together with Lupina Iturriaga and Aitor Chinchetru and become its CEO. Their goal is still to revolutionize online and mobile banking in Spain and Latin America, and that everyone can make the most of their money. Not much, right?

If it isn’t clear already, here you have a video where Lupina tells us what Fintonic is:

The truth is that the daily hard work of the almost 70 people who make this start-up, their enthusiasm and illusion, their motivation, the passion they transmit for what they do, the defense they do for people’s rights for their money, as well as the fact of acknowledging the person, the consumer, as the “protagonist”, they make everyday the more than 400.000 people who trust Fintonic become “addicted” to this app. Will you be one of them?

If you want to access Fintonic, you can do it on the phone with the app for Android and iOS and on their web.

Their 6 teams (Business Management, Product, Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Technology and Marketing) are waiting for you. They have already taken the plunge and they have gone from Spain to Chile. But their trip doesn’t end there, they are already opening new markets. Which one will be the next one?

I’ll end this post with some tips Sergio has for when you want to be an entrepreneur:

  • Have a good team of committed and trusted people around you, for which you must take all the necessary time.
  • Be very clear about the problem you want to solve.
  • Plan and know how far you can go, the steps you have to take, how you have to interact with the client or how to access the consumer.
  • Surround yourself with good partners, investors, business angels… in short, people who will contribute their know-how, as well as their finances, in a project that will be “everyone’s”. Chemistry with them is essential.
  • Learn from those who know and those who have gone through the same thing as you.
  • Being a temperate person, because you will have to be always alert and aware of the day to day.
  • Have passion and believe in the project, if not, everything is finished.
  • Oh, and of course, make good metrics and analysis, and operate with an international mindset.

If you want to know more, just click here.

We only have to keep enjoying this week left.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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