Reharq, the magic of the cultural heritage

Some years ago, I met Libe, the protagonist of today’s post. I had just started with my blog and she was there to give me some advice because she had been doing that for years before. Since then I’ve been wanting to write about her, but life has many ups and downs and the change has just arrived. I’ll keep the real reasons to myself, but I’ll share with all of you the important parts of this journey.

Let me introduce you to Reharq.

After finishing her degree in Architecture and doing a post-graduate degree in Rehabilitation, Restoration and Architectural heritage at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Libe Fdez. Torróntegui launched her project with a very special blog. It was in 2013.

Libe has always liked drawing and writing, and through Reharq, a few years ago she put together her two passions: architecture and tourism. Yes, because if there’s something that truly defines Libe is that she’s a dreams “pursuer” every day without fear, no matter what everybody else says; Libe is in love with and passionate about her job, how else would she do what she does and how would she get to people? Cultural tourism and heritage are for Libe her leitmotiv, her way of life. Libe is an optimistic adventurer, with overflowing self-esteem, proactive and resilient, who does whatever it is necessary to “land” her ideas, even if sometimes everything doesn’t turn out as she thought it would be or wanted to be. The truth is that being an entrepreneur is not easy, no one said it was so, right?

Libe defines Reharq as “the first digital portal for entertainment in the dissemination of cultural heritage area”, a blog different from others because it’s about moving you, making you feel something, adapting and learning.

Entrepreneurs put the crazy ideas in motion” (Libe Fdez. Torróntegui)

Not long ago I listened to her saying that E.P. put ideas in motion to, in her case, improve people’s life. What’s better than that? Libe achieves it with her posts, through which she takes us to “know” places in a not well known way, because she does it from the heart, and because she wants to add value to the cultural heritage that surrounds us so we can enjoy it as we should. With the cultural experiences lived by her in her travels and which she describes in a creative manner, Libe gets to people in a different way. It’s her way of transmitting her passion for cultural tourism, with architecture as her communication language and her formation in the architectural heritage area as her way of being.

In her posts, Libe mixes “the description of architectural or cultural settings with other entertaining facets of life such as sports, gastronomy, beaches, art, photography and the good vibe”. Libe proposes some examples that I share with you here:

Perseverance, effort, determination, and teamwork with people who have well-aligned values, but also professionalization and specialization are her hallmarks.

Nowadays, Libe also works on a great project like Pangea, but she’s still loyal to her values and ideas. Creating and innovating are part of her DNA, and, therefore, it will be challenging to get rid of them. Don’t ever do it, Libe, because the most crucial thing in all of this is having you as a reference entrepreneur and being able to learn from you, from your stories and your experiences, both through your blog or your workshops, talks or conferences which are just a reflection of you and your personality and way of being.

The awards you’ve received from the start do nothing but give credibility to your work and recognize it. Once again, congratulations. We hope to keep learning from you through social media, tiktok or whatever we come across.

Next week I’ll introduce you to another entrepreneur that isn’t new but, without doubt, it’s worth it.

Now it’s time to have fun.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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