If when you read the title of today’s post, you thought of Ferrero Rocher, you’re not wrong, if you didn’t think about it, but now you say: “oh, sure”, you’re not wrong either, and if when you read the title you didn’t think of Ferrero Rocher but you felt some curiosity to read the post, Thank you, I hope you like it. Today, this post is dedicated to Michele Ferrero, the father, among others of Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, kinder eggs, and Mon Chéri, among others. I also want to dedicate this post to Fernanda and Mirentxu, who loves Nutella. They know who they are. (more…)

Reharq, the magic of the cultural heritage

Some years ago, I met Libe, the protagonist of today’s post. I had just started with my blog and she was there to give me some advice because she had been doing that for years before. Since then I’ve been wanting to write about her, but life has many ups and downs and the change has just arrived. I’ll keep the real reasons to myself, but I’ll share with all of you the important parts of this journey.

Let me introduce you to Reharq.