Mañana, so when?

A couple of weeks ago or so, a member of the Mañana team, an initiative led by IFEMA together with Barrabé and promoted by ENISA contacted me. I could not pay much attention to it until a few days ago. The truth is that I would have liked to have had more time to browse their website a little more carefully, but time is what it is, so, although later than expected, here I am to tell you about this initiative that has to do with all of us, whether we are entrepreneurs or not.

Do you want to know what it is about? I’ll tell you

Mañana (tomorrow in Spanish) is:

  • a social innovation and sustainability platform,
  • a space for collaboration and co-creation,
  • in which are generated…
    • an interdisciplinary way,
    • while working together,
    • from a pluralistic point of view, and
    • with all members of the society in general,
  • innovative solutions and projects ready to be implemented and, in short,
  • to respond to the most immediate and pressing challenges of our immediate environment.

Something that I personally think that is of great value in this platform are the themes that are worked on, as they are aligned with the UN 2030 agenda and therefore have a direct relationship with the 17 SDG or Sustainable Development Goals.

Specifically, three themes are worked on: habitability, well-being, and progress, with sustainability as the axis that runs through them.

Habitability is specified in topics such as climate emergency, mobility, city design, sustainable housing, rural environment, glocalization, energy and water, and biodiversity.

In order to work on this theme, from Mañana they start by designing a model of an open, creative, inclusive, intelligent, and sustainable society that considers the rural environment and that, from a collective and optimistic vision, dreams of how the community can relate to its environment, to nature, cities, towns, public spaces, homes and, above all, to ourselves. This theme is aligned with 10 of the 17 SDG.

Wellness addresses issues such as science and society, aging, health and sanitation, healthy eating, caring and being cared for, and cyborgs and superhumans.

From Mañana it is about re-imagining the meaning of the concept “wellness”, looking for the keys to what makes us feel good about ourselves and what surrounds us, and dreaming about how we can live better for longer. 6 are the SDGs that are aligned with.

Progress is finally made on issues such as economic development, education and skills, social cohesion, inclusive growth, sustainable growth, food justice, and citizen participation.

In this case, the idea is to understand economic progress from a perspective of responsible commitment, which begins with education and focuses on inclusive growth, which favors diversity and fosters collective creativity. This theme is aligned with 15 out of the 17 GDGs.

There are many ways to participate in Mañana, either through #CaféConMañana#MañanaLabs#IdeasMañana#MaratónMañana, calls and #GranFinalMañana.

Last weekend, on September 25th and 26th, 2020, #MañanaLabs took place, a laboratory of ideas in a digital environment to learn, undertake, experiment, and collaborate to solve the challenges of the 2020 edition (Adding value to rural Spain; Reducing pollution in cities; and Promoting responsible food).

During 2 days, groups of 6 people worked accompanied by specialized facilitators and enjoyed a unique experience while collaborating in the creation of ideas and generation of solutions to the proposed challenges.

As I did not get as far as I would have liked to make this event visible, I would like to do it with the rest and, above all, with the #MaratónMañana (#MorningMarathon), which will take place from November 16th to 21st, 2020, during one week and in the afternoon. Many activities are planned (talks, interviews, round tables…) that will invite us to understand, debate, and talk about six itineraries:

  1. Educational innovation: new teaching models, the potential of e-Learning, and the urgent development of new skills.
  2. Economic development: the future of teleworking, new business models and the evolution and adaptation to e-commerce.
  3. Health and science: the care and diagnosis of patients, e-Health, and the relevance of the role of science and its relationship with society.
  4. Social cohesion: the new human relations and the importance of platforms and communities of social support.
  5. Climate emergency: the solutions about the importance of climate, water, energy, circular economy, environment, or biodiversity.
  6. 2020 challenges: the future of the three challenges selected for the call for startups and educational centers. Three round tables with the winners of the call and experts in urban sustainability, rural environment, and responsible food. At least, in this space, we will be able to enjoy them and their projects.

All you have to do is register. What are you waiting for?

If you want more information or just to participate in Mañana, just write or contact the organizers through the following addresses:


I hope October will be a little better for everyone. Smile and enjoy those around you as much as you can.

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