La galga menta

This past weekend (March 5-7, 2021) a special market was held to celebrate the 8th of March (La Bernarda, urban festival). Although my idea was to go on Saturday, it was not possible for me to visit so many E.P. that I knew were getting together at Zawp until Sunday. I think that it is wonderful to surround yourself with people with so much art and, especially, to feel loved by them.

Today, apart from introducing to you a few of them, I’m going to focus a little more on some of them, of which I have not yet spoken to you in detail. Would you like to know about these entrepreneurial women? Go ahead.

I must admit that I had never had to wait in line to enter the Zawp Sunday market, but this Sunday was very special. After a while, we entered La Terminal. There were many people, yes, but also capacity control, and the feeling was far from being “overwhelming”. This is how things are done.

Well, when I entered this very special space, I began to go through all the stalls in order, because each one works on their creations, which they do with so much affection and on more than one occasion in situ, and they deserve it. There were some of the Sunday “regular” E.P., including Jesús and Esti, from @solsticiodemacrame; Ana, Marimar and Leticia, from @lagalgamenta; and Cristina, from @harrikontari; other “old acquaintances” (always with all my love, you know) and very dear ones like Idoia, from @ciaobellaido; Eva and Aída, from @lagrimasdecocodrilokids; part of my girls from @lotunebilbao; Itxaso, who during the pandemic has moved the local design a lot, from @ilustracionesmaryf, and whom I had never seen at Zawp; and new faces, who made me especially excited, such as Sara and Natalia, from @magariteshop and whom I have known since they came to this world (how old they make me feel!).

Today, besides remembering all of them and all the other E.P. that meet every Sunday at the Zawp market, I want to tell you a little more about @lagalgamenta.

The passion for greyhounds gave the name to this brand that I had the pleasure of meeting in 2019, when Ana, Marimar and Leticia were practically starting in this world of entrepreneurship. I won’t lie to you, it was wonderful for me to discover them, specifically on a Sunday in Zawp. Christmas and the time to make gifts for “secret Santa” were approaching (where I like to give gifts), and I found what I needed in La galga menta.

They define themselves as entrepreneurs, faithful believers in talent, and animal lovers. Today, I think I can say without mistake that I have three friends who I’ve seen grow up and, above all, show the talent that each of them has. They don’t classify themselves, because the talent of people as creative as them doesn’t have just one shape or brand. For this reason, they branch out and give themselves permission to learn, because I know that they are observers of the world around them to continue creating and innovating. And they do it because they present us new creations frequently. Bags, hangers, covers, books, T-shirts, fruits, bibs, earrings, pins or cacti are some of the products that they create but be careful, they are not typical products, they are all different and unique hand-made pieces

I haven’t told you that they combine this side with their jobs in their “other companies” where they work for others, because La galga menta fills them up and enables them to continue dreaming. They have not just finished their studies, but they have a lot of experience behind them, and, therefore, I believe that all three are true E.P., because they have taken a very important step, they believe that they can do what they do, they’re brave, persistent, they know how to work as a team, they take care of the others I don’t think I’m wrong if I call them E.P. Oh, and you should also know that part of the sales has a solidarity purpose. Anything else to add?

If you want to follow them, here is their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Will we see each other next Sunday?

Enjoy this new month.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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