This weekend has been a little bit unusual: I almost had to get up earlier than normal to go to one of my children’s basketball game, I walked along the streets of Bilbao as if I had no more obligations than to disconnect for a while of the routine, I discovered places in Bilbao that I didn’t know (and I’m sure there are many more to discover!), I shared stories about entrepreneur sisters, and I even found a web page that I didn’t know either. The point is that last wednesday the day of the working woman was officially celebrated. That is why I thought that today I had to bring all of you an example of an entrepreneur woman or an initiative in which we as women are the protagonists.

Here it is.

Emprendedoras.com is a social network of business, entrepreneur and professional women with two clear objectives:

  • to make women’s leadership easier through networking among women.
  • to stimulate and support the self-employment of women by contributing to the incorporation of women to the labor market, through a series of free services.

In their mission, they establish that we as women “must participate actively in the technological advances, to know all the opportunities of business and the possible benefits that they derive”. This is a mission that Emprendedoras.com shares with more than one association and foundation that are in charge of supporting and promoting entrepreneurial women, their work, their skills, their competencies and their possibilities in the technological scenario.

In addition, we are at a time when everything possible is being done (from the ranks and from the people who do it, I mean), so that, once and for all, girls – women of the future – consider the universe of technology as an open world to all everyone, regardless of their gender.

Emprendedoras.com believes that “networking, communicating and sharing knowledge and experiences means increasing capacities and decision-making power“, hence the creation of this network. Because they say that “if entrepreneur women are able to work together to thrive and promote us, we will have made a difference in the complex business world.” That is why Emprendedoras.com exists, to discover that “joining our capacities, our experiences, our knowledge … whatever we propose will be possible.” I add to that … whatever the others may say, especially those who believe that women are still less than men. Yes, I know there are few who say and / or think that, but that specimen still exists, believe it or not.

It is important to have very clear the phrase that Emprendedoras.com reminds us in its logo:

Fuente: https://www.facebook.com/emprendedorascom/?fref=ts

(We did it because we did not know that it was impossible!)

Emprendedoras.com offers us:

  • on the one hand, to receive information through articles written under the following heading: gender, entrepreneurs, marketing, business, e-books, social networks, experiences, psychology, legal, e-commerce, inspirations or training;
  • on the other hand, the possibility of publishing articles to promote us. That is, it’s about making use of Emprendedoras.com as if it were a marketing tool. After all, in doing so, we are allowed to make ourselves known and, thus, increase visits to our website and our visibility in social networks, if that is what we want, of course.

On January 17, 2011, they published their first article in the genre category entitled ¿Por qué tenemos tan pocas dirigentes mujeres? (“Why do we have so few female leaders?”) In it, through a video, the Director of Operations of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, analyzed why a lower percentage of women than men gets to the top of their profession. Maybe you saw this video a while ago, well, in this portal you have it to visualize it as many times as you want and to think about it. Like these, the page offers us many more articles, videos, opinions, thoughts, resources just a click away.

Contact with Emprendedoras.com through their social networks and take advantage of the opportunity they offer us:

Happy woman’s day to all!

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.


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