4 karas: from the heart, also from Barcelona

When you go to Barcelona, you must take a walk along Las Ramblas, its atmosphere, its people, its market and, especially, the art it has. Today I have another reason to go, once again, to this city which is entrepreneurial in so many ways, and finally, meet our protagonist of today. Do you want to know what E.P I’m talking about?

Let me start.

More than a year ago I met, through Instagram, an “entrepreneurial craftsman” whose jewels I loved. I liked them so much that I thought I already had “that” gift I’ve had wanted all my loved ones to have. Thus, first I decided, then I bought them, after that I gifted them (what a great sensation) and finally I contacted Carlos to thank him and, of course, to follow him on social media and support his work and daily effort.

Carlos Gómez is the entrepreneur and founder of 4karas, a project turned into a company a few years ago, specifically in 2016. It’s a business related to the passion Carlos feels towards jewellery, but it’s also related to fashion, sports, sailing, horse riding, memories, and emotions. Of course, a jewel available to many more pockets than you might be thinking (if it was the case) because if there’s something that I like, it’s knowing all of us have the opportunity to wear something beautiful from time to time.

4 karas was created from friendship and from good company, when two friends started doing what they wanted, which led them to their first market in the Costa Brava: their letter of introduction to society. They only needed 3 days for people who walked around looking for “something” different to see them, but, especially, their creations. Since then, and thanks to the effortthe work, the daily fight for making their dreams come true, the detail Carlos puts in the creative process, and, I would say, for believing in what he does and innovating, today 4karas is a reality that allows Carlos to develop professionally and personally.

Why 4karas, you ask? Let me explain, “4 karas” is a synonym of 4 seasons and 4 phases, specifically the 4 steps necessary for a design on paper to become a jewel you end up wearing on your wrist or around your neck. Oh, and these jewels are not only for women, of any age, but they are “suitable” for everyone.

The 4karas jewel is an accessory inspired by the memory of “grandma’s bracelet”, which Carlos played with when he was young; one of those bracelets of cable rope Carlos has been able to reinvent and transform into a different and unique jewel. That’s where this fun bracelet, for summer, alive and colourful, but very practical and completely customizable, comes from.

I haven’t told you that Carlos studied publicity, right? I don’t want to forget mentioning it, because with this I want to insist not only on the importance of entrepreneurial training but also on the effort and work that goes to creating a “product”, in this case handmade, which also makes all of the pieces unique. In this case, in addition to being handmade, it’s also made in Spain.

If you want to wear a 4karas, enter their web and go ahead.

I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Enjoy, smile and be thankful every day.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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