When passion becomes art

It was about time, right? That’s what we thought and said as soon as we saw each other. A few days ago, the two of us agreed on the fact that “enough” time had passed since we first met on Instagram many years ago.

The most important thing is that, finally, on the 18th of January 2021 we saw each other and we talked. And, by the way, what a nice and productive time!

She is Yolanda Triguero, or Yoli, because in this case, her name is not that important. If you still don’t know what she does for a living and the works of art she makes, I encourage you to read this post.

Yolanda has been working almost her whole life, so the more than 25 years of experience already guarantee her personal and professional skills. The thing is that approximately 12 years ago Yolanda resumed her great passion, the one she’s devoted to today. And it’s that, after living 15 years in Barcelona, where she moved from Bilbao, her homeland called her again and moved back to settle down. Good for you, Yolanda, it was a great decision.

Yolanda is the founder and leader of Encuadernación y Cartonnage Bilbao, a small bookbinder’s studio located in one of the entries to Bilbao, and where she makes any type of craft work, as well as making a reality many ideas the lovers of books, boxes, diaries, photo albums, etc. have in our heads. A piece of work done with much love and affection, where you can see who has fun while doing it. It couldn’t be any other way. How important are the artisans.

Yolanda’s entrepreneurial adventure was “formalized” 8 years ago. Then, her project was known as “Las ideas de Yoli” (Yoli’s ideas), but her project got more important and became Encuadernación y Cartonnage Bilbao.

What can I say about Yolanda?

She is a person who can’t stop learning, because, as she says, “she doesn’t want to do what’s expected”, and because she wants to “be nourished to then nourish others” and to give others, the lovers of this world and her “pupils”, the best.

Encuadernaciones Bilbao allows this E.P. not only to develop her passion, but to give shape to different challenges, to learn, to share her knowledge and expertise through workshops (now online more than ever with participants from different countries), and to give shape to creative and innovative projects, some of them waiting to see the light.

“So now I have a job I love and I adore, and of which I am proud to check how a little part of me goes away in each student’s project. I feel extremely lucky to get myself involved with them”, says Yolanda. 

Yolanda finds herself in a moment of change because she wants to go back to her essence. That’s why, among others, right now she’s participating at the Andrekintzaile program for entrepreneurial women. The truth is that her entrepreneurial spirit fills you and it gets you through her curiosityher desire to overcome herself, her research ability, her desire and illusion to keep creating and learning, the satisfaction of a work well done, the emotion she transmits when she talks about what she does, the perseverance in her daily life, and her work, a lot of work.

If you want to know more about Yolanda’s work, you just have to get in touch with her and go see her; how? where? Here you have how to:

  • E-mail: info@encuadernacionbilbao.com
  • Phone number: 645 95 60 42
  • Address: Avenida del Ferrocarril 2, Dpto. 11 (48013 Bilbao, Bizkaia)

Enjoy this week because February is coming strong.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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