“Twelve looks”

logoLast 28th of May of 2015, at 5:30pm, “Doce miradas” (in English, twelve looks) celebrated 2 years of life reflected on its 94 entries posted in their collaborative blog. The twelve women that are part of it were accompanied by Isaías Lafuente, Ohiane Agirregoitia, Carolina Pérez-Toledo, María Silvestre and every other person who got to the assembly room of the UPV (University of the Basque Country). Have you had the pleasure of meeting them yet? If not, I suggest that you do it as soon as possible. Here you have a little review about them.

techo de cristalAs soon as you go into their blog, you find a sentence (motto) that says everything, or almost everything, about them: “we don’t like glass ceilings; we like open skies”. Who supports this sentence? People like Ana Erostarbe (creator of the initiative), Arantza Saiz de Murieta, Begoña Marañon, Lorena Fernández, Macarena Domaica, María Puente, Mentxu Ramilo, Miren Martín, Miryam Artola, Naiara Pérez de Villareal, Noemí Pastor and Pilar Kaltzada. I haven’t had the pleasure to meet all of them personally but I know Lorena, María and Miryam. I need to say that because of the conversations and moments shared with them and for the way they are and see life, their blog is already part of my must-read list.

Because the twelve of them make a contrast team: twelve visions; twelve opinions; twelve points of view; twelve curious, dreamer and claiming women; twelve professional and communicative women; twelve women who once decided to  stood for the change and equality while they do the (im)possible to achieve it. Because according to them, and many of us who support them, we will only achieve the anticipated-change if we move ourselves in the direction of it and go ahead.

The 28th of May they celebrated 2 years and I’m sure that there will be 12 (and more); it’s all about proposing it, and they are willing to do it. Because among their goals there are making women’s job, their dreams, their ideas, ideals and concerns visible, the way they are, act and fight, their achievements… but also to shout the injustices and inequalities, those that, unfortunately, still exist and we have to fight peacefully against but without giving up, because if not us, who is going to do it?

By the way, I encourage you to watch the following video, in case you haven’t watched it already. It’s the speech the actress Emma Watson gave at the UN Headquarters situated in New York City; a speech in favor of the equality of the rights between men and women in the HeForShe campaign.



The most important thing will be when we look at the past to see everything we have accomplished thanks to the people like them; entrepreneur people who with their bravery and daily things do their bit in relation to ending with this glass ceilings that, even though sometimes they look majestic, most of the time they just hide a reality in which we don’t want to live. Because the women of nowadays are women who want an open sky, a sky that, even when it’s grey, will allow us to fly as high as our abilities let us. Even to infinity and beyond.

Keep fighting for our rights and gambling for a place in the world that, without any doubt, corresponds to us. Thanks for everything. We will do the right thing.


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