The ZAWP terminal

I want to dedicate the last post of 2020 to, of course, the great protagonists of this blog who, as you know, are the E.P., their projects and their entrepreneurial initiatives. So today, with permission from the thousands of E.P. who exist around the world, I’m going to focus on some I “found”, met, discovered and reconnected with last Sunday the 20th of December 2020 (beautiful date, right?), in the ZAWP in Bilbao. Other national or international “zawp” will come, but today, finally, it’s Bilbao’s turn.

I encourage you to keep reading, I promise not to take too much of your time. (more…)

BilbaoFormArte: where the disability becomes art and wins by a landslide.

I’ve owed you this post for more than a year and today, finally, and taking the advantage of the fact that this is the last one of this academic year, I think it’s one of the best moments to do so, like the end of “season”.

I invite you to know this project and some entrepreneurial women who, after many efforts, in 2013 launched BilbaoFormArte, a project that has something magical that engulfs you. (more…)

What about a pop-up?

More than a decade ago, in countries like the USA, with New York in the lead, or the United Kingdom, with London as one of the mirror-cities to look to, people started talking about the pop-up shops. It was a fashion concept that started being successful among prestigious chefs, big designers or new entrepreneurs who wanted to put themselves and their creations out there. It was a time when this type of shops or spaces weren’t neither that extended nor known like they can be today. In fact, last week at least three of these pop-ups were held in Bilbao. From my tour around them I take some E.P. that I want to present you. I want to take this opportunity to introduce them to you, although I hope to talk about them more closely in future posts. Will you accompany me? (more…)



A few years ago Yanire Braña had a vision, with which she combined Woman, Entrepreneur and Technology (MET) (Mujer, Emprendimiento y Tecnología in Spanish). Since that moment several forums, workshops, meetings and mentoring sessions have been held under with the brand of “MET community”. The one event from last Saturday, the 5th of November 2016, will be difficult to forget for some people. It will mean different things for everyone: a new start, a “stop to take a breath”, an impulse or a showcase, a thank-you, a moment of “it was about time”, a day to remember hard beginnings of a beautiful entrepreneur adventure, a reunion, an expected encounter or a “I should have gone”. But the most important thing is that the best is yet to come and other similar experiences that, personally, I hope I’ll be able to live, will come.

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