SPEED MEETING BILBAO or how to find your better professional half in 7 minutes


What if I told you that soon the new speed meeting for entrepreneur people will have place at the Dock of Uribitarte, that you are invited, that you have to hurry up so you don’t miss any of the 12 places and that, if you miss it, that you’ll regret it and you’ll have to wait for next month to enjoy this experience? Would you like to share your project or entrepreneur initiative with others? You are still on time to give them your name and live this experience on first hand next 19th of October.

Do you want to know who is behind all of this? Keep reading, I will tell you.

A year ago, the entrepreneurs Laura San Martín and Garazi Serrano took the plunge and created SpeedMeeting.es. Nowadays, Laura has passed over the token to Nuria Cortés, a woman I’ve known for a couple of years and with whom I enjoyed a few days ago a really nice conversation about her new projects. Of course, Nuria told me really excited her “entry” on Speed Meeting Bilbao and the ideas that she has on mind for its development pursuing Laura’s objectives and supporting Garazi on this journey.

When people like Garazi and Nuria work together on a project in which they put all of their illusion and enthusiasm, you can feel it. They two shape a perfect duality: they are active, dynamic, happy, “alive”, hardworking, positive, good communicator, curious, social, creative, perseverant, enthusiast people with an open and collaborative attitude who are passionate on what they do, eager to contribute to society and specifically to entrepreneur people, their “better professional half”, through speed meetings.


Speed meeting is a networking event that, designed with the speed dating’s format, has helping entrepreneur people to create professional contacts and sharing their ideas, concerns and experiences as a goal.

This is an event in which a group of people, in this case 12 entrepreneurs, meets at the Dock of Uribitarte so they can voice their projects in order to look for new business opportunities, partners, clients or whatever it may come up, in rounds of 7 minutes sitting in pairs. You just have to be aware of the bell to change pairs on time and not lose a minute.

It’s a playful and fun way to find our ideal better professional half and to complete it with some inspiring talks prior to the meetings. Between those meetings, and for the moment, some special guests such as Laura López; Isabel Liébana, co founder of Tell Me Wow; Alvaro de la Cruz, coordinator of the Welink Coworking space; Montse Fernandez and Asier Azaceta, founders of Meetabout; Alejandro Ceberio; Edu Iracheta, founder and responsible of the Sustainable Week communication; Patricia Martínez, the author of the “La Otra Mirilla” blog; or Ibai Cereijo  have been on the Dock.

I insist on that the next session is next Wednesday 19th of October at 18:00 at the Dock (paseo Uribitarte 3, 48001 Bilbao, Bizkaia), are you going to miss it? At least Nuria, Garazi and other 11 people will be waiting for you.

I wish you a week full of good moments.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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