SAREA or how 2dB support Euleuk Sibiir

The 12th of April of 2019 SAREA (net) was presented by two entrepreneurial women, Isabel Alberdi and Marlene Salgado, of the brand 2dB (2 from(d) Bilbao). I already knew them, and I already liked their product, but when I met them again in a concept store and they explained with more detail one of their last “acquisitions”, I assure you that I liked their project even more. Obviously, I couldn’t miss the invitation to the 12th of April. They officially presented SAREA.

Are you interested in knowing this product?

It’s not the first time that I hear Marlene and Isabel saying that they are “women of the second opportunity” and that what they want is to extrapolate this situation to other concepts and to give opportunities to those who need it, that’s how they are and that’s where and why SAREA was born.

By the way, before I continue you must know that 2dB is focused on the production of limited edition and exclusive handmade handbags and accessories. They are unique pieces that combine different materials and textures, of a simple and sophisticated style, and with the genuine character of Bilbao.

Now we are ready. SAREA is a synonym of:

  • Solidarity (and cooperation), second opportunity, sponshorship, sustainability, smiles, Senegal
  • Authenticity, assistance
  • Red (net), reality, rescue
  • Empathy, emotion, energy, entrepreneurship, education
  • Aid, attitude

And, in the words of its promoters and designers Isabel and Marlene, SAREA is:

lightweight, comfortable, and where everything fits. It’s made with a real network of organic cotton (made in France in a family business that is more than 100 years old), covered with 100% African cotton fabric with a wax treatment. The handles are reinforced with leather for superior resistance.”

The SAREA handbags are available in 10 colors and in more than 20 patterns. You can imagine how many possibilities these combinations give you, right? Oh, and if among the combinations they have you like another one, you just have to ask them for it. Who gives more?

By the way, while the design is by 2dB, the handbags are sewn in the Fundación Peñascal of Bilbao thanks to the fabric the NGO of International Cooperation Creando Futuros has acquired from local artisans from Mbour (Senegal).

By the way, if you don’t know, Creando Futuros is an Association for the International Integration and Cooperation, officially created in February of 2011, even if they’ve been working since 2006. Their main activity is the education, especially of girls, with a clear goal: to achieve the long-desired access to education and the non-discrimination of gender.

They carry out different complementary actions with education, among others:

  • They annually enroll boys and girls.
  • They send school material.
  • They avoid immigration in Senegal.
  • They set up, develop and manage school canteens so the children can eat at least once a day.
  • They make expansion, improvement and construction plans for schools in areas with limited resources.

Belén Peña, a passionate worker of Creando Futuros, with whom I talked on the presentation of SAREA, has it very clear. Any help is well received and even better used. Do you have any ideas for them? Share them!

Maybe you know Peñascal Kooperatiba better but, just in case, I present it to you, because it was in one of their fashion and tailoring workshops where the handbag was made. That’s how Araceli, teacher of the Foundation, explained it.

It’s a non-profit entity of social initiative that was born in Bilbao in 1986Its goal is to integrate into society the people who are at risk of or in a situation of social exclusion due to different personal, academic or social circumstances. To that end, Peñascal Kooperatiba works in their professional training and qualification, in their employment activation, in the creation of jobs and in the promotion of attitudes and values of solidarity and citizenship.

It’s important to know that for every purchase of Sarea, you are helping Creando Futuros to continue with their educational project of training in the Euleuk Sibiir school, built in Sonatel (Mbour-Senegal). What do you think about this idea? Oh, I forgot to tell you, the handbag is only 45 euros. Now, who gives more?

If you want to see it in person, you just have to go to Alameda de Mazarredo, 19, local 12 Bilbao, get in touch with the creators by phone (+34 609051399) or visit their Instagram account. Isabel Alberdi and Marlene Salgado are waiting for you there.

See you in a couple of weeks.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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