Oh, Green, how I love you!

If you have an idea based on a green perspective, you want to invest in green companies or you want to consolidate your green company, this post will be interesting for you. Today I present you a special Network, a Network that only their Facebook page has more than 55,000 likes.

News, meetings, forums, advice, training, showrooms, networking in green key at your disposal.

Would you like to know about it?

The Red emprendeverde (ReV) is a multidisciplinary initiative of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment that works to preserve the natural heritage and biodiversity, directing its conservation to the creation of employmentwealth and well-being in the whole society.

The Red emprendeverde project is developed within the framework of the Empleaverde Program of the Biodiversity Foundation, co-financed by the European Social Fund. It also has an important network of collaborators with a clear vocation to support entrepreneurs such as the National Company of Innovation (ENISA), the Spanish Business Angels Association (AEBAN), Triodos Bank and Triodos Foundation.

Its purpose is to encourage the creation and consolidation of companies or new business lines in activities related to the environment and their protection, as well as channeling investment towards sustainable economic activities (one of the “new” economies).

It is a specialized network of entrepreneurs, investors (and financiers) and people interested in sustainable entrepreneurship, which seeks to integrate initiatives to support existing ventures, create synergies and put them at the service of green entrepreneurs.

According to the ReV, a green entrepreneur is a professional, micropyme or SME, who is currently developing business initiatives or who wants to start one up, including new business lines.

So, if you are a green entrepreneur, an investor or financier interested in obtaining from your investment not only an economic profitability but a positive environmental and social impact, or a person interested in green entrepreneurship, in other words, a professional from different disciplines as is the case of researchers, university professors or business schools, representatives of administrations, civil society, etc., the ReV is for you.

By the way, the ReV understands by green company the one that contributes to:

  • Decarbonize the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce the consumption of energy, raw materials and water through eco-efficiency strategies.
  • Avoid or minimize the generation of pollution and promote the reduction, reuse or recycling of waste.
  • Market products designed to minimize their ecological impact throughout their life cycle (ecodesign).
  • Value the natural resources of a territory by promoting its sustainable use.
  • Preserve and restore biodiversity (species, spaces and ecosystems).

Keep in mind that the areas and sectors in which green companies develop their activity are very diverse, here are some of those listed in the ReV, in case you believe that yours doesn’t fit:

  • Organic production
  • Environmental education and information
  • Production and/or distribution of organic products
  • Renewable energy
  • Management of natural spaces
  • Forest Management
  • Waste management and treatment
  • Rehabilitation and sustainable building
  • Treatment and purification of waste water
  • Environmental services to companies or entities
  • Information and communication technology
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable transport and mobility

I encourage you to enter here and see all the services offered by this network, whether you are one of the entrepreneurs or one of the investors. You will see more reasons why to participate in it and how to do it. I’m sure that if you have doubts, in the case of having them, they’ll disappear.

To subscribe and participate in the ReV, you just have to enter here.

I wish you a fantastic summer.

See you soon.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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