Naiz Fit: when your body is in charge

I met the protagonist of this post some years ago, around September of 2013, when he started taking part inthe last genertaion of  Ekin-It 2014 together with a team of wonderful entrepreneurial people who day by day show us why some day they decided to invest their time in participating in a program that, in our protagonist’s words, achieved:

 “To awaken the dream I knew I had, but I couldn’t find.”

At the time, Borja Cembrero Saralegui was studying the double degree in Administration and Business Management (ADE) + Law at the University of Deusto, which he balanced with his participation in Ekin-It and the basketball games, among others. He was already showing promise, so it’s no surprise that some weeks ago I saw him as a speaker at the entrepreneurial area of the TEDxUDeusto 2018. A very pleasant “surprise” for me, of course, as well as seeing him receiving the award of the Santander Yuzz program or another one for his latest entrepreneurial project in San Sebastián, his home town.

When I write this, a sentence that another participant of the Ekin-It program told me 5 years ago comes to my mind: Arantza, I really wish someday you’ll be aware of the huge impact you had on our lives. I assure you that seeing examples like Borja (and many other participants) not only makes me proud of each of you, but it makes me be aware of how well is paying off what we did a few years ago.

Let’s continue with Borja. He is from San Sebastian and, without any doubt, he is an entrepreneur worth knowing. Restless, with a desire to learn, adventurer, idea generator, creative, brave, with attitude and passionate, Borja hasn’t stopped since he finished his studies at university in 2015.

Since January 2017, he is the CEO and one of the founders, together with Sara López, his CMO, of Naiz Bespoke Technologies (Naiz Fit). But that’s not everything: for example, from December of 2015 until mid-2016 he was one of the developers of GrowPro Experience and in January of 2016 he co-founded Teem Players.

Besides, as was to be expected on a person like Borja, he has experience as a volunteer in several national and international NGOs. In addition to doing his bit on the project La Casa Roja, of which I talked a few months ago, Borja travelled to Uganda in 2015 after finishing his studies, and to Australia, where he stayed for a year, in order to provide regulatory, administrative support or whatever the people needed, whether it was to get microcredits, form cooperatives, collaborate in construction or restoration of homes for people without resources or forming other people.

But let’s go back to Naiz Fit. What exactly is it? No one better than its CEO to explain it to us (in Spanish):

If anyone hasn’t watched that video (which lasts only 1 minute and 20 seconds), Naiz Fit is an app for iOs and Android that, in 2 steps, through 2 pictures (a front one and a side one) you have to do of yourself with the smartphone in that moment. It calculates your measurements through some algorithms that the Naiz Fit team has developed. I inform you that, now, thanks to this app, we have at our disposal almost 90.000 items of clothing from more than 600 different brands. Who gives more? It’s a simple and easy way of shopping onlinewhatever your measurements are. You just have to be prepared to receive recommendations of clothes that are best for your body type. Oh, and having downloaded the app beforehand, of course.

Whether you are a client or a company, the steps to be taken are very easy. Enter the page and find out how to do it.

“Because the person is above everything else and there’s a size for each body. We are a facilitating solution between brands and people for a much more personal, smooth and effective shopping.”

Here you have a video from Todo Startups in which Sara and Borja explain us better what’s Naiz Fit, how it works and its business model (in Spanish).

What are you waiting for? Go for it and forget about size problems. Each of us is unique and in Naiz Fit they know it.

Congratulations to Sara and Borja for this initiative, your work and effort, your desire to move forward and open new paths and, of course, for showing us that undertaking is worthy and that people are above everything else.

Enjoy the week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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