logo wimeEven now, when I think of our today’s entrepreneur, Germán Zubiaur, it comes to mind a message that I received once by one of our loyal  Ekin-It partners, Marian Alaez, Lecturer in Law at the  Universidad de Deusto. It turns out that rummaging through messages I found one I received the 10th of October of 2012, in which Marian was telling me that she found “the perfect candidate for Ekin-It”. And indeed, that was the case. In September of 2013 Germán became one of the participants in the last edition of Ekin-It. Personally, having Germán as one of the Ekin-It participants, the new generation of entrepreneurs, was, has been and will be something I will always thank not only to Marian but to Germán himself, a committed, restless person who is willing to make his dreams come true, as can be seen in  WIME. Do you want to know him a little?


Even before starting with us on Ekin-It, Germán (currently student in his last year of Law in the University of Deusto) was approaching us with the intention of giving definite form and launch what nowadays is knows as WIME.  That is how, in June 2013, WIME was born, originally known as BEWATER, a streetwear inspired by swim, which seeks to claim the swimming spirit and a passion for water.

But, where does Germán’s passion for swimming come from? He was a swimmer since he was a child, and like many other young people, Germán was looking for casual clothes to identify with and create a fashion trend. Nowadays, being 21 years old, Germán has achieved what he proposed: create a street wear brand, not just a technical brand, which a lot of people were identified with, and many others, will soon do.

Because WIME has something special, it is elegant, has style and, passes on a clear message of perseverance and effort, both characteristic of swimmers.

At present, WIME makes available a line of hats, sweatshirts, polo shirts and glasses (you can look at the wimewear en instagram). There will be more but the important thing will always be the spirit and the message Germán wants to pass on.

And if anyone is wondering what is Germán up to now, besides gambling on his swimmer spirit claiming clothing line, always progressing and looking at the future, you just have to follow him on his social media (facebook, twitter, instagram or in his web– which is under construction but will shortly be active). Because Germán doesn’t run out of ideas… now it is time to sell in shops and internationalize, hence he’s been associated with other entrepreneurs like WEIF. Because any help will always be welcome.

We will always support Germán because we believe in him, in his desire of moving on, of claiming a healthy lifestyle, to give value to the effort, to the real ideas and the well done job, but above all, because we believe in the entrepreneur that all of us carry within ourselves. Come on, Germán!


Before I forget about it, if you want to contact Germán, you can do it either by WhatsApp: 645979017 or by mail, he will be glad to answer all of your questions.

This is for you Germán, because to meet you was a pleasure.

I hope this carnival week is full of smiles and shared illusions.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by me.

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