Here I am. Another year, it’s been quite a few! This time I start the school year with an event that, apart from being very interesting, it’s important and necessary. It comes from an entrepreneur whom I had the pleasure to meet a few years ago. As soon as she sent me the information, it was clear to me that I had to share it with you.

She is Rosa Pérez, from Gaptain, and she’s embarked on a new adventure. As you can see, people who have entrepreneurship on their veins can’t stop doing it, why would that be?

Let me cut to the chase, the thing is that next 24th of September they launched the CyberGirlsDay event. Where? At the Kuna building of BBK. Did you attend it?

The goal of this event was for girls from 9 to 13 years old to know about cybersecurity. Yes, I know this is not the only existing event that talks about this, but they are SO NECESSARY.

Rosa came up with the idea, as she says, “by accident”, in 2021 (let me remind you that there are only a few months left until 2023). Then, from Gaptain, they participated at the Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship program to promote start-ups created by INCIBE. Rosa met two other women, María Rojo y Maite Anasagasti, spokespeople from their respective companies, and “magic” was made again. Some meetings, talks, and debates about the lack of women in STEM professions, specially, in the cybersecurity area, made these women decide to do their part to make the situation better. That’s how, after challenging Rosa, they created the base of what the CyberGirlsDay association is today, whose main goal is to develop female talent during early ages in the cybersecurity world.

The event is set as a “two-in-one” event. On the one hand, it’s an event for girls where they could approach and learn about the cybersecurity world. Everything in an eminently practical way through resolving challenges and guided by women leaders in the sector. On the other hand, there were the families, who were informed about the job options and presented with different techniques of personal cybersecurity and digital risks.

Just so you know, the project has support from organizations such as the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, INCIBE, Woman4Cyber, SPRI, Basque Government, Ertzantza and BBK, Bidaidea, and Irontec.

You have more details about the event here: and more detailed here (in Spanish). If you have any more questions, you can write to:

Have a nice day.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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