Today I want to dedicate this post in a special way to the students of the Primary Education Degree of the Bilbao campus of the University of Deusto, to my colleague and coordinator of the Primary Education degree, Miryam Martínez, who has supported and participated actively from the beginning in this project, and to my main teacherpreneur and “travel” companion Jessica Paños. 3 years ago, in 2017, all of them decided to take advantage of a GREAT OPPORTUNITY: to enter the TEACHERPRENEUR WORLD. 

You’ve already heard me talk about this adventure more than once, but today this post, with the rest of my follower’s permission, is dedicated to them: Jessica, Miryam, Ainhoa (I and II), Jorge, Garazi, Alazne, Maider (I and II), María, Leire, Andrea, Ane, Paula, Unai, Nerea, Uxue and Héctor, who today becomes a Doctor.  

Thanks to the European Erasmus Program + Entrepreneurship in Initial Primary Teacher Education (EIPTE) (2017-1-DE01-KA203-003582), in May 2018, 15 students and 3 teachers of the Primary Education degree of the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the University of Deusto started our new adventure about entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur-teacher figure, which since then became teacherpreneur. Since that moment, with a few changes on the team configuration, we’ve become a team of 20 people who have defended the teacherpreneur and the need of being teachers with special characteristics, among others, innovative, proactive, creative professionals who use active methodologies and are perseverant, who know how to solve problems, give solutions and take risks, and who know they have to network in very different contexts.

That way, from the first week and the first Intensive programmes for learners – IPL which took place in Denmark, there’s been a few times where the students have taken part actively, solving problems and giving solutions which we have implemented more than once in Primary Education schools. During these weeks, our students, together with other 50 students from universities in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania and Sweden, have had the opportunity to “enjoy” an ad hoc programme of learning about entrepreneurship. This has allowed them to exchange points of view, to see different ways of carrying out entrepeneurship at primary schools, to work on real situations-problems and giving them a solution using entrepeneurship competence, and to talk and debate with experts, many of them great teacherpreneurs. All of that in a unique international academic environment where students were able to be appreciated in the way they deserved. By the way, our students won the award to the best poster about entrepeneurship in the week celebrated in Lithuania last week, from the 2nd to the 7th of March 2020. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve left us in a good place, without any doubt.

Here you have a summary of our journey around Europe:

Year 2017-2018:

  • May 2018: 1st IPL in Denmark.

Year 2018-2019:

  • November 2018: 2nd IPL in Belgium.
  • April 2019: 3rd IPL in Spain.

Year 2019-2020:

  • October 2019: 4th IPL in Sweden.
  • March 2010: 5th IPL in Lithuania.

You have more information on the project’s webpage.

I want to use this post to THANK EVERYONE for trusting me and for giving so much of you during these weeks. I hope the spirit of teacherpreneur shines wherever you are and your students feel it how it’s supposed to.



A hug to all of you and let’s take March with even more illusion. I hope the Coronavirus goes away soon.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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