Wannajob: the app that is at your feet

time-1786138_1280Have you ever felt like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland? Have you ever had the feeling of living accelerated, with time just for the essential, time for working on that things that a lot of times you wouldn’t even want to do? Have you ever thought how would your life be if you had a little bit more time for “what really matters”? That’s what the protagonist of today’s post thought a couple of months ago. And that’s the reason why today I’m presenting you to Josu, his partners and his project, a fledgling company that I hope I can present as a new start up in a few months.

Now that Christmas is coming and that it seems that everything is more complicated due to the “lack”of time or our bad management of it, I encourage you to know more about Wannajob: an app that could be the solution to our problems.

Josu Rubio, Gorka Unda and Pablo García are three young university students who decided to join around March of 2016 to start shaping an idea that could make our lives so much easier. That’s how Wannajob was born, a “kind of” marketplace in which people, their needs and task, and what they are ready to pay for them are the main protagonists.

But the main goal of Wannajob goes further than that. As their CEO says “with Wannajob, we pretend to create a community of users and verified users based on trust”. That’s why, at this moment, the promoting team is considering including insurance so all of the users are covered in case something happens.

The idea of Wannajob is to help getting in touch with other people who need help with any task (whatever type it is) and who are ready to pay for them, with people who want to make extra money for doing it. I encourage you to watch their last video where they explain it really well. But do not forget that the end client of Wannajob are not just the people as individuals but also small businesses. As I said earlier, the project is about making life easier to every person of our community who needs it.


From the beginning, Josu, Gorka and Pablo became the first end users of their own app. So their goal was to “make some extra money for the weekend”. Now they use Wannajob in a different way. They have published a new task that consist in delivering leaflet about their app. Isn’t it interesting? Which task would you be willing to make or delegate?

Wannajob is the new collaborative application that you can download from Google Play. At this moment it’s only available for Android devices. But don’t worry, shortly it will be available for iOS too.

Josu, Gorka, computer engineers at the University of Deusto, and Pablo, a “marketing monster” who has studied at the Basque Culinary Centre, they are the alma mater of the next start up that we hope it will soon come to life.

Right now they are still studying their respective areas at the University of Deusto and at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) while they complement their training with talks with entrepreneurs and visits to companies. Those are defining their future and profile as big entrepreneurs. Soon this basic training stage will end and they will be able to dedicate themselves to their project, which already counts with two more partners, Alex Berenguer and Bernat Baste. Now we have to work even harder, especially to get the finance they need to carry an idea which is just the beginning of a beautiful dream forward. Oh, and for those women who are interested, they are looking for them. Are you interested in working in Wannajob?


I don’t want to forget to say that a few months ago our protagonists won an award on the first edition of the Start-up Lab UAB, a competition of ICT entrepreneurship of the UAB. The prize consisted of 600 euros to improve their prototype, access to the Yuzz Programme for young entrepreneurs and the initial support of the UAB-Emprèn Programme. It was then when Josu, Gorka and Pablo believed on everything a little bit more. Since then they haven’t stopped and have gone in for different accelerator companies and meetings about creation and development of business ideas. Besides, they are looking for influencers with whom they can keep going on their entrepreneur adventure. Hopefully everything goes right. We are crossing our fingers.

If you like the idea you just have to download the app and offer or request your services/tasks. Oh, and if you have any doubt, I recommend you to get in touch with Josu through his phone number (697 737 162) or his email address (info@wannajob.es). And if you want more information or get in touch with him on social media, visit http://www.wannajob.es/.


Now we are getting to the end of another year, in which we have been able to share our initiatives, a lot of illusions, dreams of new P.E. and an attitude to work and keep betting on incredible projects.

Let’s see if I can rest a little these few days, but I promise you I’m going to come back on January of 2017 with new ideas, more entrepreneurs and big dreams that can be made true throughout 2017.


Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.


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