Shaping our entrepreneurial spirit and “starting up” new actions

The last week was rather difficult and tough in a personal level but also rewarding and, I want to think, positive. My health did not accompanied me and it led to lessen my spirit and motivation a little bit, but thanks to the support of my family (which is always there, in good and bad times), my true friends and the people who worry about me, they managed to make this week worthy. Besides, being able to participate actively in the DeustoSTART training program and in the Inspirexe 2015 day, and having visited the entrepreneurs that, while it was raining, shiwed us their creations in the Sunday Market, have contributed, without any doubt, to it.





DeustoSTART is a new program offered by the Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre at the University of Deusto, in which I have been collaborating during the last 7 years, coordinating the Ingenio y Ekin-It programs, which I will always remember with a lot of love, among others. In fact, while I write these lines, some people such as Asier Arranz, Paola Pérez, Ander Suarez, Alex Rayón, Nerea Saenz, Janire Górdon, Garazi Azanza, Izaskun Angulo, Juan Barbed or Germán Zubiaur come to my mind;  there are a lot of people who have participated actively on these programs and who have shown their entrepreneur spirit year after year. If I keep mentioning them I would never end this post. So excuse me for not naming all of YOU.

Currently, I’m back at DeustoSTART, a competencies and entrepreneurial self-efficacy entrepreneur development program directed to young people in their last years of the grade and post grade at the University of Deusto. With the main goal of developing the entrepreneur spirit of the participants, this program is aimed to take innovative initiatives during daily situations and making socially responsible decisions.

Last 18th of March I could take part in DeustoSTART. I gave a workshop about the Entrepreneur Attitude to 30 brave young people with very different profiles who have decided to embark on this new journey (tell me if that is not having initiative, especially having in mind that they decided to invest on this program an afternoon a week). Congratulations, again, for making this decision. Personally, the 4 hours session was too short for me, especially because I wanted the participants to be able to enjoy real stories, in this case, entrepreneur people’s real stories that show what having an entrepreneur attitude means in real life. Giving them the time they needed to explain part of their experiences as entrepreneurs was the right thing, even though I could not give the students all I wanted, but I think that listening to Miryam Artola (Muxote Potolo Bat) and Germán Zubiaur (Wime) was really worthy. I have already talked about them in previous entries.

image1 (2)

During the session we were able to work the concepts of intrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and entrepreneur spirit and entrepreneur initiative, among others, some of the characteristics of the entrepreneur person and the motivations that can lead us to (in)entrepreneur. You can see some of the ideas that we worked during the session in the poster that Miryam drew with her markers, which I thank her again for it.

Moreover, on Saturday the 21st, I attended the exe program day and I participated in an active way, just as Javier Roglá, CEO of the Teach First Spain, asked us to do. María Rubiothe director of the program of Teach First in Euskadi (Eskolan Ekiten), who I met approximately a year ago, invited me to that day a few weeks ago, which from here, I thank her again for it. I think that the day was successful since not only did we share key ideas about education with in-service logoinspirexeexperienced teachers, but personally, I was able to see in first-hand how are people in our particular context being taught, the current needs of them and the new initiatives that are starting into action in our area. I insist on that, it was a very rewarding day that allowed us to exchange ideas, share concerns and learn from other professionals that, like us, fight every single day to accomplish the overall development of the generations of the future. What else can we ask for?

Today I want to underline the work the network of Amara Berri centres, the work from the Begoñazpi and Lauaxeta schools, the working methodology Zerbikas proposes through the Learning-Service and the brand new IDEO School. These are just a few of the examples that I could learn about and carry a lot of ideas and thoughts with me that, without any doubt, I will share with my students. I want to specially thank Emilio Martín, Merkat Bernaola, José Canales (director of IDEO), Xabier Arpide and Rafa Mendia. They supported the idea of entrepreneurs as people who not only start a new business but also as people (teachers) who start new projects every single day, facing problems and giving innovative answers to eveyday (educational)  needs and problems. I dare to call them teacherpreneurs.

I wouldn’t like to forget Mikel Careaga and Leire Malda, both of them participants in the second generation of Ingenio, that I met again at the Inspirexe day 2015. Knowing that they are involved in an initiative that believes in education as key of the present and the future makes me feel really proud.

Enjoy this week and smile as much as you can.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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