Nagore Ramos, contagious sweetness

As they say, “a chip off the old block,” and in this case, having a family devoted to the hotel industry for more than 20 years has had an impact on the protagonist of today’s post. I’m sure that many people thank it.

The entrepreneur woman of today’s post has been in the bakery world for a short time, but I assure you that she has already given something to talk about in her few months of life as an entrepreneur woman. I encourage you to meet Nagore Ramos

Less than a month ago, I finally met the protagonist of today’s post. I say “finally” because although I knew that Nagore was part of the family of EmakumeEkin, it wasn’t until the 19th of last January when I had the pleasure to, quite literally, meet her in person and chat with her for a while.

The truth is that the first impression, which they say is “the good one”, was unforgettable. Because entering Charamel Gozotegia and finding the landscape that I found was a real luxury. The eyes were escaping from their orbits and the gastric juices wouldn’t stop screaming at me that it couldn’t continue like this. What a bakery!

I admit that I could restrain myself because I was there on a work meeting and needed to be focused on it; but it was difficult, I can assure you.

After a while, my desires to start at the top of the counter and try every single delight of the bakery were calmed. It was when the protagonist of the post and founder of Charamel Gozotegia Nagore Ramos appeared. As it couldn’t be otherwise, Nagore exuded sweetness and kindness on all four sides.

According to its founder, “Charamel Gozotegia is a bakery that was born with the aim of making international pastry-making known and brought closer to people who love sweets, but also with the intention of creatively recovering and adapting local recipes from our land”. Located in the Casco Viejo of Bilbao, at number 2 of Jardines Street , this bakery is a magnificent showcase of well done work. Besides, each person can check for themselves how Nagore and her team work, as they have the workshop in the same establishment.

What can I tell you about Nagore? Graduate in Psychology at the University of Deusto and an expert in high baking by the International School of Pastry Arts, Nagore is pure passion, sweetness and enthusiasm personified.

In March of 2016 she founded Charamel Gozotegia and today there are already hundreds of people who have savored her creations. I know that I am not wrong if I say that some “clients” have already become regular and have even turned this “space” into the place chosen to hold the sweetest and most productive work meetings.

Nagore and her team reflect the desire to learn, to appreciate every day that passes, to believe, to grow, to dream, to know, to laugh, to enjoy, to love and to create, because it’s a team made up of restless, curious people, full of creativity and with the seal of maximum quality.

They work in a homemade, sustainable and innovative way, which made them achieve Charamel Gozotegia to become a reference in Bilbao. There are not only traditional buns filled with butter, cheese or rice cakes, Basque cake or puff pastry, but also French macarons, German stollen, kataifi, sweet and savory petit fours, Turkish baklava or Argentine alfajores, among others, that you can taste with a tea, coffee or juice. And if you don’t find what you want, ask for it, they will prepare it with pleasure. They are waiting for you to call or visit them, which, without doubt, would be the best. Can you imagine a party with the Charamel seal?

To contact Nagore I’ll make it very easy:

I’m sure, Nagore, that at the rate you’re going, with the attitude you show and with the joy and serenity you give away, everything will go very well and as Voltaire said:

All goes well for people of sweet and cheerful character.

May you have a very sweet week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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