Mind & Tangle, the one who draws the drawings

Today I am going to introduce you to a passionate, creative, dreamer, brave, persevering, active woman and a great “champion of fighting ogres” (judgments and egos). Although I had already heard about her from my friend Mikel Alvira, on February 27th, 2021 I was able to listen to her directly. What a great surprise!

Today I want to introduce you to this E.P. Would you like to meet her? Go ahead.

Our protagonist is called Alicia Gutierrez Rey. She is the founder of Mind & Tangle and the School of Creative Meditation (EMC). Getting where she’s at right now hasn’t been a bed of roses. As Alicia told us a few months ago, she too had to live a time of crisis, depression, and anxiety that, without a doubt, she had to face. Realizing it is already a triumph, a great personal triumph (do not you think so?) and turning her life 360 degrees is, from my point of view, a second triumph. The point is that today, Alicia has become a renewed woman who exudes tranquility, serenity, creativity, and a will to live.

In addition, in the process of her transformation, she discovered and experienced a technique that is based, among others, on meditation and coaching. This technique, the Zentagle, along with other tools such as coaching and creative problem-solving (SCP), in which she is certified, made Alicia continue to succeed. But what Alicia likes the most is not that triumph, but the possibility her method gives her to help other people through empowerment:  to develop their creative potential, to live mindfulness through creativity and to unlock what keeps us from moving forward in our lives.

I’ve already told you that Alicia is the “champion of fighting against ogres”.

She is a hard worker because she doesn’t believe in luck but in a job well done, a quality job, which differentiates her from many other “similar” ones. Because Alicia fights every day to offer us the best of herself so that we achieve our essence and authenticity.

She is always ready to talk, help and contribute. Not in vain, collaboration and synergies with people or teams are some of the signs of her identity.

As a creative mind coach, Alicia helps us find our creativity through creative meditation because one of her goals is to help us strengthen our creative thinking while developing our skills to achieve it through drawing. Here you have an interview that they did to her in Spanish that surely clarifies a lot for you what it is that Alicia does.

The good thing about all this is that, through her Mind & Tangle method, Alicia assures us that she will help us to:

  • Eliminate distraction and procrastination.
  • Eliminate hateful limiting beliefs and thoughts that often prevent us from moving forward.
  • Increase self-confidence and security.
  • Develop our own creativity.
  • Reduce the level of anxiety.
  • Increase concentration and focus our energies on what we are always doing. Sounds familiar, right?

Her experience supports her, her naturalness dazzles us and her talent to make us focus our attention through creativity and drawing makes her special and different.

I encourage you to get to know her through her page and her social networks:

Thank you, Alicia, for discovering this world to me.

I hope you have enjoyed the month of April, because it’s already ending, and May is coming.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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