La Juegoneta: the impossible becomes possible through play.

Let’s see how I start this post and how I continue it. I could tell so many things about our entrepreneur woman that, I admit that it is difficult for me to start the post. Today our protagonist is Cristina, whom I have met thanks to another great entrepreneur that I have already told you about on more than one occasion, María Fernández, founder of Kietoparao.

Cristina Saraldi is an entrepreneur woman and businesswoman, mother of Cloe and Kian, project consultant, childhood and play expert, conscious play promoter, storyteller, writer, founder of Froggies, and dream-maker. Previously (for 9 years), Cristina worked as a professional in the world of communication, advertising, and television, not in vain, Cristina has a degree in communication. Ah, she is passionate about traveling because of the experiences, experiences, and growth that it entails, and also about playing, because for her, traveling, playing, and living are “the same thing.”

In addition to respect, creativity, the team, play, imagination, affection, and care, and love for what she does, her values include awareness, listening, fun, abundance, quality, and transformation.

In fact, 14 years ago, in 2009, Cristina made the leap from Madrid to Pamplona and created Froggies, a company with a clear objective: to improve the world through conscious and creative play. All these years have made Froggies a leading company in the sector today and is trusted by brands such as IKEA, Vips, IGN, and Barceló, among others.

The point is that, in 2018 and 2019, Cristina took another great leap. It was then that she had the opportunity to travel for 10 months through South America, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru, in a van with her family. It was an experience and a dream come true that marked her destiny a little more.

Her mission is to communicate and create playful experiences through play, showing different ways to be better people and change the world while playing. For this reason, she has been a speaker at different conferences, in which she has dealt with issues of play and childhood; she is a consultant and business advisor; she creates and designs children’s spaces, events, courses, and workshops of all kinds, always related to the game; she has already published a book with 114 games to develop creativity (Chachi Comula di bu) and several ebooks; And, as if that were not enough, Cristina has created the Saraldi Method, a path to follow starting from theory and continuing with practice in which active listening and reflection, both from your inner self and from the family and the team, they take a primordial place.

Everything does not end here, because in her eagerness to become her dreams true, relatively recently she managed to “set up” a festival on oral storytelling in Pamplona and, at this time, because Cristina is an entrepreneur woman from head to toe, she has launched to a new adventure, another great dream: after obtaining a long-awaited loan, on April 24, 2023, his Jugueneta “arrived”, a mobile toy library, a camperized “van”, a dream come true, a family project.

Cristina, now you can make another “mark” in your life map, a life in which travel, games, growth, and family come together with a clear objective: to reach towns with fewer than 8,000 inhabitants and improve their life through play and stories.

What will he surprise us with next time?

Thank you, María, for introducing me to Cristina, to whom she undoubtedly owed a space on this blog.

If you want to contact Cristina Saraldi, you can do so through or by writing to

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