Hey, look, it’s the girl from reKados!

I admit that, in general, I like going shopping, but I understand that there are many people who, for many reasons, can’t, don’t want to or don’t like to do this activity which for some people is an “experience”. Well, some weeks ago one of my sisters sent me a link of some news about a company founded not a long ago, on the 1st of July of 2016. Its name is reKados. Are you interested in knowing about it? I’ll introduce you to it.

ReKados is a company located in Getxo and founded by two partners, Myriam Jiménez de Goytia and Ana Saiz Uribarri. Now the company is led by Ana who manages the team of people she has with great enthusiasm.

I have to confess that, when I read about ReKados, I recognized the name Ana Saiz. I had reasons to do so because as soon as I took my phone I saw her contact among the partners of EmakumeEkin. Not in vain, Ana was a partner of this association until the new projects and various meetings have made her be really into her company. And that’s her situation now.

ReKados was born some years ago, while Ana was waiting at the endless queue of the MOT test. Then, as the great conduct observer she is, Ana didn’t lose detail and dedicated herself to pay attention to the “desperation” faces of more than one person while they waited “to be their turn”. Because you can’t tell me you don’t despair a little when you have to wait in line to pay something, ask for a document, ask a “quick” question or accompany someone to a routine checkup. I like going shopping and running errands, but not any purchase or errand.

Here is where ReKados comes, because the MOT test experience made Ana think about the question ReKados leads:

“Why not sell my time?”

In that moment Ana wasn’t working and she thought it was HER moment. That’s how Ana signed onto her new adventure.

ReKados’s goal is to help individuals and companies to manage time while performing the services they demand. It is an integral and personalized service. You only have to trust them and delegate. Easy, right?

And it’s that ReKados offers very diverse services, from managing different processes, accompanying people to the doctor, cleaning the car or do the weekly shopping, among others, to taking the car to the MOT, one of the most requested services by elderly people, autonomous, companies – mechanics workshops – or just individuals who prefer to invest their time in tasks who satisfy them a lot more. And this is not everything, if your service isn’t on the list of what ReKados offers, you just have to ask. Oh, and even if you read that the operating range is Getxo, Uribe Kosta and Bilbao, ask again, it’s a matter of talking.

After a year and a half, today, ReKados is in a sweet moment, creating alliances, making new promises, creating synergies and collaborating with new companies and people. This is the case of PoZiKtiba, the health center led by Pablo Cuevas dedicated to orientate people and organizations from emotions managing and training. What a tandem. That is a good example of collaboration. It’s been too long since I haven’t seen you, Pablo, but when Ana told me she was collaborating with you, it was as if you were in front of me. What a luxury.

I don’t want to end this post without dedicating some words to the alma mater of ReKados.

Ana is a woman with experience and with a long professional career in the Sales Department in different companies, but what really identifies Ana as an E.P. is her mentality and positive attitude, her capacity to observe, her bravery and her willingness to carry a business focused on people and their necessities forward. Friend of her friends and with a bit of innocence that suits us well, Ana doesn’t stop making herself proud and, at the same time, being surprised when someone on the streets turns around and says “hey, look, it’s the girl from ReKados!”

I hope you can see ReKados in the mobile address book of a lot of people. then, your dream will come true. You’re definitiley on my lis of favourites.

Espero, Ana, que tu sueño de que reKados aparezca en la agenda de contactos de los teléfonos sea muy pronto una realidad. En el mío ya estás.

I leave you her number right here: 645 737 592

I end this first post of 2018 with one of the ReKados mottos:

“Delegate on us and we will make your life easier”

Enjoy each day of this week and all that come after.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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