Later than I expected but here I am and I hope the news I bring you today are of your interest. Today’s post has to do with innovation, social entrepreneurship, innovative projects, real problems, challenges and possibilities to work for the common good.

Let’s start.


  • you belong to a company or entity with a challenge or problem that needs an innovative solution,
  • you are a social innovative person with concerns,
  • you belong to a team of willing entrepreneurs with enthusiasm,
  • you are part of a social company willing to provide innovative solutions to real problems,
  • you have a social innovative project in mind (which you could adapt to a problematic situation)

THEN, you are reading a post that I think might interest you.

Just a few days ago I came across a news report about the launch of a new virtual platform that caught my attention. Its name: Social Challenges Innovation Platform.

This is the first European virtual platform on social innovation, a project promoted by the European Commission, which has a budget of 2,430,000 euros and is coordinated by META Group, an international consultant and investor dedicated to the creation and fast growth of companies, together with EBN (The European Business and Innovation Center Network), an international non-profit association and Impact HUB, a global network of centers for social innovation and entrepreneurship. You can find more information about them in the following link.


As you will have seen in the previous video, the objective of this platform is to connect challenges with entrepreneurs/social innovators and start-ups who are willing to offer solutions or innovative ideas to them.

In the context of this platform, the problem faced by local governments, organizations, companies and non-profit associations, among others, and which needs to be addressed and given solutions already is a challenge.

The idea is to match each challenge with 3 solutions to a maximum of 81, of which a total of 27 projects will be financed. It will be a court who will select the most appropriate idea. Each provider will receive a grant of 30,000 euros and a 6-month mentoring program in order to help develop the proposed idea.

Among the challenges you could respond to are those you can find in the following link. I encourage you to take a look, I’m sure there is one that catches your eye.

It is about working together in a professional way while looking for the most appropriate innovative solutions to deal with real problems that affect us in our day to day. All this while entering a process of transformation of challenges in business ideas proposed by restless minds, entrepreneurs and social innovators.

In the following link you will find the call with all the necessary information to participate.


Is this the opportunity you were waiting for?

Have a great day.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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