Diego Martos or how to work with passion with executive managers

cache_3414414Diego Martos is the name of the entrepreneur person about whom I want to talk to you today.

It’s been a few years since we know each other, practically since I started my journey on Ingenio, and the truth is that it was about time that I dedicated a post to him. He deserves it, I don’t have any doubts about it, and I think that the work he carries out in Di Towanda Talent will also be interesting for some of you.

Do you want to know him?


I start writing this post with the sensation that I don’t know if I will be able to define with a few words who and how Diego Martos is. So, I’ll start and if you see that it is taking me so long, you just have to skip a few paragraphs. I, personally, recommend you dedicate a little bit of your time to know the person who leads this project that dedicates to people and organizations in order to develop their capacities and reach their goals on their projects and businesses, and the performance of his job.

The first thing I have to say about Diego is that he is an excellent person and a great friend, who is there whenever you need him, even if he has a million things to do or if he is really far away from you. He is a sensitive person who is interested on the PERSON and satisfaction of his needs.

He is a really good professional (and I’m not the only one who says it). Diego has shown me during these years that he has a high capacity not only to work but also to learn, innovate and take risks. As a good entrepreneur PERSON, overcoming obstacles and stepping out of his comfort zone are part of his life-style, way of being and acting… he couldn’t hardly have started so many projects if he wasn’t like that. He knows, as I do, that sometimes we also have to delegate, and that is what he has had to do with every project he has founded by now.

In addition, Diego, who is really passionate about his job, which he likes to do really well (from the efficiency and efficacy), is rigorous, enthusiast, intrepid, brave, creative, original, with a great humor sense, funny, 100% committed to his job, perseverant, a great communicator, team leader, active and with a great positive ATTITUDE. I’m sure that I forgot something, but I’m not going to extend this much more.

From his entrepreneur aspect, Diego Martos is the founder of  Di Towanda Talent, an entrepreneur project focused on the person, in this case, on those who work as executive managers.

His mission is to contribute to the improvement of the directive communication and the organization from theaaeaaqaaaaaaaalraaaajgzhztgxn2zhltk3odctndyxos1izduxlwe3ytc5nzlizdrkmw competencies based perspective and using an innovative pedagogical methodology. This is how they are committed to improve and optimize the communication capacities, to inspire on their background and shape and to guarantee the successful overcoming of any communicative challenge.

From Di Towanda Talent they want offer three types of training programs that complement with a permanent attention and personalized counselling along the process of collaboration:


Executive Communication Programme or ECP (between 4 and 16 hours). Its goal is to promote the participation and the dynamism through a methodological mix with a high emotional impact and insist on a positive way of the development of people who are aware of their communication and talent.

Coaching for Executives Programme or CEP (minimum of 5 sessions). This is a project for an individual coaching, directed to change attitudes and to boost the change on people, for which a process of detection of strengths and improvement opportunities of every participant has been previously followed, and the elaboration and tracking of a particular action plan.

Mentoring for Executives Programme or MEP (minimum of 5 sessions). This is another individual coaching project, focused on creating confidence and boosting new challenges, for which you have to work on a real concrete and strategic scene that allows you to innovate and track a particular action plan.

Diego is not alone in this adventure, there is a fantastic international team with him, that consists of coaches, teachers and British, American and Spanish theatre directors, which is what brings richness to the project:

palm-1598185_1920Diego Martos: CEO

Tamzin Townsend: Asscociate Director

Michelle Kempton: Exectuvie Coach

Alberto García Castilla: Oratory Coach

If you want to know more about Di Towanda Talent, you just have to contact them through one of these ways:

I’m going to finish, but firstly I would like to send a “muxu” (kiss) to my great friend. Thank you Diego for being THERE, with that entrepreneur spirit that defines you so well.

Enjoy the next week.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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