BcomeDigital with Beatriz López, would you like to know how?

Our entrepreneur for this week is a social media, online and digital marketing, social network and web and digital analytics adviser and trainer. Partner of EmakumeEkin, she offers her services so entrepreneur people, organizations and companies show their best digital side and make the best out of the network.

Do you want to know Beatriz?

Always willing to collaborate with anyone who needs her services and with fidelity as her presentation card, some years ago today’s protagonist, Beatriz López decided to stop packing and unpacking and made a decision that would change her and her family’s daily life.

After dedicating 12 years of her professional life to Accenture and with the idea of coordinating her professional and personal life, in 2014 Beatriz took the leap and founded BcomeDigital, an online marketing agency directed to SMEs, organizations and entrepreneurs who want to make the best out of their digital presence, nowadays as important as the physical, don’t you think so? Because the communication through digital channels is more important than we think. In fact, I have to confess that this is an unfinished business for me. Beatriz knows that we still have to have a conversation about that topic. Besides, I’m sure that when I start doing it I’ll be thinking about why I didn’t do it sooner.

BcomeDigitals goal is very clear: to help those people in need to design and develop their image and brand on internet through personalized projects, which are adapted to their own needs. Because that’s how Beatriz works.

BcomeDigital covers practically all of the areas of the online marketing, the following business lines being the main ones:

  • Training, talks and workshops ad hoc.
  • Adapted consulting for each organization, company or professional who needs it.
  • Generation of digital content.
  • Design and development of corporative websites, blogs and online shops.
  • Elaboration and implementation of social media projects.
  • Development of projects of web and digital analytics.
  • Maintenance and performance of community manager functions.
  • Besides, Beatriz also carries out mentoring processes while becoming entrepreneurs and development of their personal brand for active professionals.

Beatriz is certificated in Google Analytics and in Google Adwords, Display Network and Search Network, and the most important thing, she is endorsed by her good work, professionalism, responsibility, empathy, proactivity, kindness and attention that shows in her face-to-face treatment, work capacity and effort, commitment, efficacy and efficiency, perseverance, flexibility and at the same time organized and methodical. In conclusion, apart from being a great professional, Beatriz is a person with more than enough knowledge in social media and great abilities of organization of her work and her team’s work. With a human size that her customers call exceptional, Beatriz is without any doubt the best option to lead a digital image change of your business or project that will not leave you indifferent, do you dare?

You should know that some people are ahead of you; here you have a link so you can see it for yourself, but don’t be too late.

You cannot say that you didn’t know how to contact her, apart from her web site BcomeDigital (http://www.bcomedigital.com), you can find Beatriz at:

And also at EmakumeEkin, since she is a partner, Beatriz collaborates on their blog, in which you can find her advice about online marketing.

Do you need more information? Talk to her, it’ll be worth it.

Enjoy each day.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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