Creativity and Innovation Day

In 2018, the UN named the 21st of April the World Creativity and Innovation Day in order to promote multidisciplinary creative thinking to help us achieve the sustainable future we have to get to.

I confess that I’m lucky (as I say, I have good luck), because I work in “something” I’m passionate about (anyone who knows me knows that). Part of my working time I work with the team of the Educational Innovation Unit of the University of Deusto. We work a lot, yes, but with a privileged atmosphere. Besides, we do it in the name of innovation, what else can we ask for?

The truth is that today I thought about them (if not, I was sure that Marta Roldán was going to remind me, as she has done). But I also remembered the importance of being an innovative person these days.

As you know, I work in the educational area, and today I thought it was relevant to think especially about the innovative and entrepreneurial teachers or teacherpreneurs, as I like to call them.

So, today, the creativity and innovation day, and because I feel like it, I want to dedicate this post to teachers and students. I invite you to watch a video of Joe Ruhl (awarded with different awards in the educational area). In it, he speaks about passion, choice, innovation, inspiration, motivation, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, listening, team, people, affection, care, 21st Century competencies, experience, change and intention. Oh, but, especially, thinking about the training of future students. Today, my clapping goes to them (teachers and students).

Would you like to watch it?

I hope you are okay, and I hope I can introduce you to an entrepreneur with a name and surname really soon. Take care of yourself and your people.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

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