Drinking coffee with the EntreComp community

Today I share with you the “conference” I had the pleasure to host at one of the EntreCompEdu Café last February, which is one of the actions that EntreComp Europe carries out. It was at the hands of EntreComp España and organized by the Council of Education, Training, and Employment of the Government of Extremadura. Yes, I know it sounds like a mouthful, but I thought that this introduction was more than necessary.

EntreComp España has a goal: to explore how to meet, develop and identify entrepreneurial competence through youth work, training, employment, and the company. That’s why a group of professionals and organizations want to “inspire and get inspired to implement EntreComp through strategies and activities in their work area and their communities”. By the way, for those of you who are not aware, EntreComp is the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. Here you have a video where it’s explained in more detail.

What is EntreComp?

Enjoy the week and the end of the month.

Translated by María Ubierna Quintanilla and supervised by Arantza Arruti.

Rule Eleven

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know I was going to write this post, but here it is. Today I introduce you to an entrepreneurial woman and her team. I met her “virtually” due to entrepreneurship and an investigation I’m doing now. I hope to know more about her team when the time comes, because I’m sure we will have many opportunities.

If you want to know more about the protagonist of this post, just keep reading.


If you like travelling and eating, you’ll fall into their clutches

The post I bring you today is dedicated to a person who is very special to me. I’m talking about someone I met a few years ago when she was studying Primary Education at the University of Deusto and I was one of her professors. She was a very hardworking, constant and committed student, by the way. Besides, I was “lucky” to be the tutor of her final degree about education and entrepreneurship, which she did with her colleague Jennifer Silveria. Her name is Jessica Paños-Castro. Today, she is a teacher in Primary Education and my fellow sufferer.

This is not the first time I’m talking about her, but it is the first time I’m talking about something different. If you keep reading, you’ll know her new facet. Do you want to? (more…)

One @smallguggen for Ukraine

During the school year of 2012-2013, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the protagonists of today’s post, Irati Oleaga. At that time, she was a student at the University of Deusto and participated in the Ekin-It program, which I coordinated and was one of the greatest gifts of life.

Today I bring you a post that not only speaks about Irati, but also about a solidarity initiative for Ukraine because, as I told you a few posts ago, I don’t support war, of course, but what I do support is more than one initiative to do whatever it takes to help thousands of people suffering the unspeakable. Today, this post also goes for them. (more…)

The ingredients of success

Let me tell you that, as you know, there’s not just one definition of success and that today I won’t share its DEFINITION with you either. What I am going to do is share with all of you some of the conclusions we got to last Saturday the 26th of March at the event celebrated by Desafío más, a non-profit organization I gladly belong to. I think they will help you understand what success is.

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